Tasks page

You can see all the tasks in one place by going to the "Tasks" page.

There are 3 ways to view all the tasks:

  1. Sorted by task due date.
  2. Sorted by projects.
  3. Master projects board.

You can apply additional filtering options like users, projects, statuses, tags, and more.

Task "start date" is not used on the "Tasks" page.

Task sorted by due date

The "due date" layout shows you 4 groups of tasks:

  1. Tasks due today - all the tasks that have due date today.
  2. Tasks due in the future - tasks with due date in the future.
  3. Overdue tasks - tasks that have due date in the past .
  4. Tasks without a due date - tasks that have no due date set.

Tasks dashboard

Tasks sorted by projects

You can sort all your tasks by projects.

Task by projects

You can switch between a card and a list when viewing the tasks page.

Master projects board

The master projects board shows you all the tasks from all projects on one board. This is a good way to get a high-level overview of all your projects.

The master projects board works by grouping the tasks to lists by the list name. For example, all tasks from all the projects in the task list "Todo" are added to one list. The tasks lists are then sorted from left to right according to the list position. If there are multiple list with the same name and different position then it uses the highest list position. Task in the task lists are also sorted according to the position they had in the original project.

Master projects board

You can filter the master board by users, projects, statuses, tags, and more.

You can also see your teammates' tasks from the same place. Click on the filtering drop-down on the left side and choose a person.

Don't worry about your private projects and tasks because you can only see the tasks from the projects that you are invited to.