Keyboard shortcuts

You can use keyboard shortcuts to quickly change or any of the task attributes.

Assing tasks with keyboard Set dates with keyboard

Task shortcuts

Hover with your mouse over the task and press one of the following keys

e edit task name
w edit task description
c color task
1 set status
t add and remove tags
v add and remove custom fields
a assing and unassign to people
d set start and due dates
q mark as done or undone
m mark as ready
b mark as blocked
h mark as on hold
s subscribe or unsubscribe to email notifications
n create a new task in list where mouse is placed and open task window
g move task to another project
r log work to task
shift + r estimate task
x delete task
shift + s start or stop time tracking timer
shift + alt + x delete task permanently
space assign or unassign task to self
shift + z copy task and add to the end of list
shift + click bulk edit tasks

Other shortcuts

These work only on project board view, the project page

p show project list
alt + CLICK Projectshow project lis, click on the 'Project' link on the top menu
f open board task filter
esc close modal windows
alt + CLICK LIST NAMEmove task list to another project
? show keyboard shortcuts help