Project timelines - the big picture of your work

Breeze automatically maps out your project timelines. See deadlines and how tasks connect across projects.

How to create a project timeline?

Project timeline

Project timeline creation can be a tedious and time consuming job when you have to manually add everything in your calendar. The best way to understand how the different projects and tasks fit together is to just use a go-to, automatic tool that tracks these things for you. Here's what you can do to get started.

1. Write down your project’s steps

Start by listing out all the steps in your project. Write down every little step you can think of that needs to be done to complete the project. A good way to do it is to start from the end of the project, the last task, and move backward. That way it's easier to come up with the tasks. You can think of it like "what needs to be completed before" setup.

Breeze lets you create tasks on the project board and in a list. You can further divide tasks to subtasks or to-dos. Later, they'll all show up in your project timeline.

To-dos and to-do lists

2. Estimate tasks and set deadlines

The next step is to estimate the size of each task. Add them to each task. After that, you can start adding due dates and start dates. Again, start from the end of the project and move backward. Take into account any extra time or holidays.

Breeze lets you easily assign estimates to each task and set start and due dates.

Set deadlines

3. Check your project timeline

Now you are ready to check your project timeline. Every task and to-do should neatly fall in line.

Breeze does all of this for you automatically. Due dates and start dates are used to map the project timeline. Simple drag and drop lets you reorder and manage the project timeline.

Manage timeline

4. Track projects progress

You have to watch your projects progress and make any changes necessary. This keeps your projects on track to meet their goal and deadline.

Breeze shows you the progress for each project and lets you set the status. This lets your team know if you are on track or off track.

Project progress