Create tasks by email

Just send an email to create a new task or reply to any notification email to add a comment.

Find your email address

Each person has a unique email address for each project. That address lets Breeze know who is sending the email and where it's supposed to go.

  1. Open your project
  2. Click on the three dots icon on the top left side.
  3. Click on the "Project setting" link.
  4. Get your email address Project inbox address

Send an email to this address to automatically create a new task. The subject of the email is the task name, body is the task description and attachments will be linked to this task.

You can update the task using the following commands. Each command must be on a new line:

  • @assign list of emails or usernames separated by commas
  • @status done,ready,block,on hold
  • @list task list name, moves the task to that list
  • @swimlane swimlane name, creates the task to that swimlane
  • @tag list of tags separated by commas
  • @startdate date, example May 25 2015
  • @duedate date, example May 30 2015
  • @estimate task estimate in minutes
  • @track tracked time in minutes
  • @custom_field field_name: your value
  • @color color name
  • @comment add a comment to the new task, you can add multiple @comments

You can mention users using the same syntax as in the web app. Type @ and the user name or email, example @Rene .

You can also reply to any notification you get from Breeze to add a comment under the task.