Project customization

Project management that works the way you do

Everyone works a little differently. Work on your projects in a way that works for you. Manage your projects with ease using custom fields, statuses, tags, colors, and more.

Customizing projects

Companies of all sizes use Breeze to supercharge their teamwork and manage projects effectively

Custom fields

Add more details to your projects

Custom fields let you add task ratings, priorities, store contact information, and much more. No matter what you do, whether you're working on marketing campaigns, managing money in a firm, creating new software, or working as a freelancer, you can always set up your projects to track exactly what's important to you.

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New custom fields
Custom statuses

Work smarter with custom statuses

You can track the progress of tasks using custom statuses. These statuses allow you to provide additional information about the tasks and track your projects in a way that best suits your needs. You can use custom statuses on tasks and also on projects.

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Custom statuses management

Organize tasks with tags

When you use tags, it's easier to keep track of your tasks. They help you add information to your tasks in any format. You can add color to tags to make them stand out more. Filter your projects and reports by tags.

Customize tags

Colors help your tasks stand out

Colors make it easy for you to find the tasks that matter to you. Use colors to highlight important tasks and projects to bring excitement back into your work.

Task colors
Project layouts

See your projects the way you want

With multiple views, you can work your way. Look at the big picture on the project board, focus on tasks with task lists, plan and update in the calendar, and more.

We've made it easier for you to get a bird's-eye view of your work with different project views that adapt to your needs. Breeze is a simple but powerful project management tool. No matter what type of task, there's a view that adapts to how you process your work.