Task details

Click on a task to open the task detail window.

Task detail window

On the left side is the main window of the task. You'll see the overview of the task, name, description, and comments.

On the right are the most important attributes of a task. These let you assign different attributes and take action on tasks.

The main attributes and action:

  • Status - lets you set the status of the task.
  • Color - lets you make the task standout or group with others on the Task Board.
  • Tag - lets you assign tags to task.
  • Files - lets you upload files to the task.
  • Assign - lets you assign the task to one of your team memebers.
  • Due date - lets you set start dates and due dats.
  • Estimate - lets you type in time estimates to start working with budgets.
  • Archive - lets you archive the task.