Recurring tasks

Recurring tasks are tasks that happen on a regular basis. Breeze lets you automatically create new tasks based on your rules.

To create a recurring task open a project and click on the task you like to set up as a recurring task. In the task window side menu click on the "More" button and then choose "Repeat task".

Task recurring settings

The recurring tasks feature works by copying the original tasks when the recurring date has arrived. Breeze copies everything from the original task except comments and time entries.

You can create recurring tasks for 3 periods

  1. Daily
  2. Weekly
  3. Monthly
Recurring daily Recurring weekly Recurring monthly

If you like to create a task that repeats yearly then choose the monthly option and set it to every 12 months.

If the original task has a due date or start date then the new date is set based on the recurring date. You can customize it by entering a number.

  • New date -1 – set date for 'Yesterday'
  • New date  0 – set date for 'Today' (default)
  • New date  1  – set date for 'Tomorrow'

After you have created the recurring event it'll show up inside the task and on the task card. When the new task is created from the recurring event then the new task will have a link and a notice that it was created based on a recurring task rule.

A good way to manage recurring tasks is to create a new task list or a swimlane and move all your recurring tasks there. That way you can keep an eye on them and you can also hide the task list or swimlane from the project board.