Project calendars

Organize your team's work on a calendar

Breeze helps teams organize, share, and visualize their best ideas in a simple to use calendar. Create project and team calendars.

Project calendars

More than 6,000 teams trust Breeze to help them get things done and improve efficiency

Task calendars

Shared project calendar

Take the frustration out of project management with an online calendar that gives you a comprehensive view. A shared calendar allows your entire team to keep their collective eye on the big picture. Hit your deadlines every time with the shared calendar that frees you from keeping track of disparate due dates and team members’ work in your head—and on paper.

Task calendar. Team planner.
Project schedule

Daily agenda

Plan your day and make sure you don’t spend too much time on individual tasks. Always have your schedule in front of you. Check off each task as it’s completed and know if there is sufficient time to complete remaining tasks before the end of the day.

Calendar agenda view
Team workload

Maintain a balanced workload

Increase productivity and reduce workload by proactively monitoring your team members. You’ll get a real time overview of all your projects, allowing you to make smart decisions fast.

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Team workload
Project timeline

The big picture of your work

Breeze will save you hours of planning time. Tracking your progress against project deadlines and seeing how individual tasks connect to each other keeps your resources, skills, and time aligned so that you meet your yearly and quarterly goals, on time.

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Project timeline
Public calendars

Your calendar, shared

Public calendars let everyone see what your plans are and how you are progressing.

Public calendars

Breeze makes it easy for you to share your work, and makes it just as easy for other people to get involved. Breeze's team and timeline calendars allow you to see when your teammates are busy, and what they have scheduled for the week or month. If you have a big project coming up, you can create a public calendar so that others can see your progress and get involved.

Because Breeze is all about working together, we recognize that collaboration starts with showing what you're currently working on, and sharing information with your clients or coworkers.

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