Breeze vs Asana - collaboration, serious project management or both?

A lesson from the rental car business

To coin a phrase, there’s more than one way to skin a cat. And there’s more than one way to design project management software. With so many products out there in the project management space - in excess of 250 by some measures - it can be really daunting trying to find the right one.

Some people might follow a principle derived from whether to choose Hertz or Avis for a rental car. (If you’re not familiar with this, the famous Avis ‘We try harder’ advertising campaign started from the premise that Avis was Number 2 behind Hertz and that as a result, Avis would always try harder in an attempt to overtake its rival and get to Number 1.)

Breeze vs Asana

So, with project management software, some online review and comparison websites suggest that Asana is Number 2 behind Wrike. Following the logic derived from the Avis campaign, some folks choose Asana, working off the assumption that Asana is working harder to be Number 1 and that Wrike may have taken its eye off the ball and become complacent.

Choosing software is not the same as picking rental cars!

Well that’s one way to do it, but choosing rental cars is not the same as selecting the project management software that’s right for your business! And following the logic that Number 2 tries harder can be a big mistake.

Many leading companies get ahead in the game simply because they got in on the ground floor - they entered the market early or perhaps even created the market. But that is not to say that the products of companies that enter the market later are somehow bad or inferior. Sometimes the opposite is true.

Better by design

At Breeze, even though we’re a younger company, we set out to be better by design. How?

Well, one of the techniques we have used to hit this ambitious target is we’ve taken our own experience of managing hundreds of projects and looked at how products like Asana work. We then look at where these other project management tools fall short, so we give you whatever they might be missing and better ways of doing things.

One of the characteristics of Asana is that it is more suited to managing projects and tasks, rather than to dos and task boards that a project board tool would offer. It’s more about organizing collaboration rather than serious project management.

We built Breeze to be able to perform in a less formal industries, where a task board style is more appropriate. And we also built in the capability to perform serious project management. One of the really nice things is that the more serious features don’t get in the way of using it as a simple task board. And the less formal easy to use approach we take doesn’t hamper the management of more serious projects.

We could sit down and compare checklists of features and talk all day about Breeze Vs. Asana. But really, the best advice is to trial the software and see how it works for you and your business.

Why not take Breeze out for a spin now?