Breeze vs Asana

Project board with tasks and task lists.

Nowadays, there’s no shortage of project management tools and that means two things:

  1. No matter what your industry, team size, budget, and project management goals are, you can rest assured that you will find the perfect tool for your business, but, on the other hand,
  2. If you’ve never used a project management tool before, and you don’t know exactly what you should look for, the overwhelming variety of options you’ll find might lead you to make your decision based on how big a certain platform is.

And that’s not always the way to go!

Let’s take a look at Asana, for example.

Asana has become one of the biggest names in the project management world -- the second biggest name, to be exact, only after Wrike. A few minutes exploring most online review and comparison websites are enough to notice Asana’s popularity.

But does that automatically mean that Asana is the ideal platform for you?

Well, not exactly.

Without taking a close look at a tool’s features, memberships, and specifications, knowing how popular it is won’t take you very far.

The Older, the Wiser… Right?

We’ve all heard the expression before: the older, the wiser.

And sure, that might apply to people.

But when it comes to project management tools (or any other productivity apps), that’s not always the case.

See, as a new player in the project management world, we’ve had the opportunity to do something that apps like Asana didn’t and that is to take a close look at the already established project management tools (and even use them ourselves), see where their services were lacking, and build our own solution based on this competitor research.

Here’s an example:

While exploring Asana, we realized that it had a big focus on managing projects and tasks, but it didn’t offer features like to-do lists and task boards. To us, it lacked some essential features that businesses could use for serious project management.

So, when we created Breeze, we made sure to work our to-do lists and task boards to perfection. Simple as that!

To-dos and to-do lists

We made sure to create a tool that is appropriate for informal industries and for professionals who don’t have much technical knowledge, but we also built in the capability to perform serious project management.

Our main goal was to stick with our easy-to-use approach, by creating a simple, intuitive task board, while also offering features that would please even the most serious project manager out there. The perfect balance, if you ask us!

Making the Final Decision

If you’ve been trying to find the perfect project management tool for your business, you’ve probably come across countless articles reviewing countless tools.

“Top 5 Project Management Tools of 2020”, “An In-Depth Review of [insert name of tool”], “The Pros and Cons of [insert name of tool]”... you get the drill.

Reading resources like this can give you a good idea of what each platform has to offer, and in reality, we could have made a checklist of features, pricing, pros, and cons to compare Breeze vs Asana.

The thing is, there’s nothing like trying out the software yourself and seeing first hand if it is a good choice for your business or not. Make the most of all free trial periods, and, eventually, you’ll find the project management tool you’ve been looking for!