Custom fields

Custom fields let you add more information to tasks and track them the way that fits your team. You can use custom fields to store customer contact information, priorities, ratings, and much more.

To add custom fields to a task click on the task to open the task window. Then click on the "Custom fields" button on the task window side menu.

Task custom fields

The custom fields also show up in front of the task card.

Tasks with Emojis   Tasks with approved status

Administrators can add new statuses and renamed the old ones from custom fields management page.

Managing custom fields

Only administrators can manage custom fields and add new custom fields.

To open the custom fields management page:

  1. Click on your name on the top right corner.
  2. Choose "Add & manage custom fields" from the dropdown menu.

Custom fields management page

You can add new custom fields, rename, change the type, and limit visibility to projects.

You can create 4 kinds of custom fields:

  1. Text fields - users can insert one text value.
  2. Number fields - users can insert only numbers (decimal and float).
  3. Calendars - users can select a date from a calendar.
  4. Drop-downs - users can select a predefined value from a list of options.

Here's more information and a small list of ideas for custom fields.