Breeze vs Airtable

Project board with tasks and task lists.

If you take some time to navigate through our website, you’ll quickly realize that we pride ourselves on being an intuitive, simple project management platform.

We believe that simplicity is underrated, especially when we’re talking about tools meant to improve productivity and organization, and that often, people view a complex, technical tool as more efficient or appropriate when that’s not always the case.

We know, of course, that certain tools are tailored for a tech-savvy audience and in that case, this complexity that we talk about might represent a perk.

The question is, what if you and your team aren’t that tech-savvy?

Would you want to adopt a tool that requires a great deal of training before you can start reaping its benefits, or one that not only easy to use, but to set up as well?

When the learning curve is too steep

If you compare Breeze and Airtable, you’ll see that they’re quite similar tools.

Both meant for project and task management, they include many of the same features, including budget management, collaboration tools, resource management, time tracking, Gantt charts, Kanban boards, integrations, Agile methodologies, and much more.

They can both be used by small, medium, and large businesses, and they’re both affordable, no matter which membership plan you go for.

So, what’s the difference between the two tools?!

Well, it’s all about the learning curve.

As we mentioned before, when you choose to invest in a project management tool, one of your primary goals is to boost your team’s productivity. You want a piece of software that will help you keep all the important data organized and updated and, consequently, save time to focus on what truly matters.

As such, you need to consider how steep you afford the learning curve to be when adopting a new tool.

Will the training period be worth the posterior benefits, or will it last too long?

If you go on any review and comparison website, you’ll most likely find reviews stating that although Airtable has many perks, it requires some training in order to understand how it works and how you can use it.

Breeze, on the other hand, keeps things simple and easy to understand, with quick and responsive screens, while ensuring that all the features you get access too will allow you to deal with serious project management tasks.

Project board.

Breeze was designed for people, not for machines, and when we say people, we mean anyone: from marketing teams to creative teams, salespeople, engineers, attorneys… you name it.

Choosing between Breeze and Airtable

Depending on much technical knowledge you and your team have, it will make sense for you to choose a simpler or more complex project management tool.

Airtable is undoubtedly a great product, but if you need to go for one that is simple, intuitive, and minimalist, then Breeze is the right choice for you. If you’re not completely sure, don’t worry, we think our 14-day free trial will convince you. Start yours today!