Project reporting

Get the full picture of your team’s work

Help your team work toward success. Quickly figure out how it’s going, where the problems are, and whether your plans are on track.

Project reporting

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Time tracking reports

See where time is spent

Breeze is invaluable for anyone who wants to know where their time went and for those who want to improve their productivity by looking at what they did in previous days.

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Time tracking report
Task activity reports

See what tasks are worked on

Keep track of tasks and prioritize them with a glance. See the current progress of your project in a single convenient place. Know your team’s activities and assignments.

Tasks updated
Tasks due reports

See what tasks are due

You will have a clear overview of what all your teammates are doing. It’s easy to see what tasks are coming up and which tasks you might want to join or contribute to. This also helps with motivating each other - collectively setting goals and making sure they are met.

Tasks due
Work completion reports

See how tasks are completed

Anticipate your future. Use Breeze to analyze your activity and learn about yourself so that when you make a change, you’re able to anticipate the effects and not have to worry about what happened after the fact.

Task completion
Project totals reports

See how projects progress

Get an overview of how much time was spent on projects from the past week, month or year. Be able to easily recognize which projects have taken up a lot of time as well as those that have been under-estimated.

Project totals report
People workload

See how much work people have

Quickly find out who’s spending too much time on a task, who’s blocked, and areas of low productivity. It’s a great first step for making smart decisions about your work and setting priorities for the future.

User workload
Task workload

See how tasks are progressing

Prioritize tasks and manage projects. Understand exactly how much time you are spending on any activity, and keep track of how much work is getting done.

Task workload
Public reports

Share your progress with everybody

Let your clients know how much you work, how productive you are, and how you are doing professionally.

Public reports

Before Breeze, managing multiple daily tasks and projects was a nightmare. You couldn't easily share your reports with anybody or get an overview of the status of your daily tasks and projects. But we changed that. Now it's super easy to invite any colleague or friend to join you on your journey.