Breeze vs Podio

Project board with tasks and task lists.

If you’ve been exploring our website for a while, you probably know that nowadays, there are countless project management platforms available for all sorts of businesses, from solo entrepreneurs to small, medium, and large enterprises.

You might also know the story of how Breeze came to be.

We needed a project management tool to help us plan and organize our own projects, but the journey to find one wasn’t easy. The tools we tried were good, don’t get us wrong, but with each of them, we ended up realizing that certain aspects that we saw as essential simply weren’t there.

So, what was Podio lacking?

Simplicity is key

If you go on Podio’s website, you’ll quickly realize that they offer many essential features to project management. From reporting to budgeting, workspaces, activity streams, and more: Podio has a lot of what you require to plan your projects and keep them all organized.

So, when it comes to its features, we don’t have much to say about Podio.

However, there’s one detail that can easily scare off potential users, no matter what features a platform includes, and that is the difficulty to set up and use.

Here at Breeze, we believe that simplicity is key.

From day one, we knew we wanted to develop a tool that anyone could use with no training or guidance necessary, no matter how much technical know-how they have (or don’t have). From designers to marketers, salespeople, and engineers: Breeze was always meant to be a project management tool for all.

As a result, we created an intuitive platform, with a minimalist design and a couldn’t-be-easier-to-use interface -- yet, it still includes all the features you might need for some serious project management:

  • Tasks and task lists, with statuses, assigned team members, due dates, and the option to attach relevant files and documents.
  • Effective time tracking, estimates, and project budgets in hours, rates, or amounts.
  • Discussions and conversations so that you can gather all the feedback in one place.
  • Project progress and status.
  • Storage of files and documents with links to Google Drive, OneDrive, and more.
  • Calendars and resource management, including task calendars, daily agenda, and team workload.
  • And much more!
Project board.

In short, we got the best of both worlds in one single tool: simplicity and efficiency.

Breeze vs Podio: Making your final decision

Both Breeze and Podio provide you with all the features you might need to stay on top of your projects and keep your team connected and updated on each decision that is made.

The main difference is simple: Breeze is easy to set up and use.

So, when considering which tool is the right fit for your business, think about this: do you and your team have the technical knowledge needed to adopt a tool that isn’t necessarily focused on ease-of-use, or should you go for a minimalist, intuitive platform instead?

If the second option is the right one for you, Breeze offers a 14-day free trial that you can start at any time, to make sure that we are, indeed, what your business has been looking for. Give it a go - you won’t be disappointed!