How businesses are changing with Breeze

Real stories from real businesses - imagine if your business could learn and evolve like these organizations.

Breeze has been the only project management tool I've been able to get multiple teams to adopt at my many companies and projects - where everyone seems to be happy.

Quite simply the easiest but most versatile project management tool you'll ever use.

Carstend Dietz avatarCarstend Dietz, GovSpend

Breeze is everything our team was looking for — an incredibly deep and powerful project management tool that an average user can understand and use immediately.

It’s absolutely essential to our workflow, and the support and constant improvements are unmatched!

Richard Ludlow avatarRichard Ludlow, Hexany Audio

We use Breeze almost from the beginning, and we have seen how it has evolved for the better, always implementing good ideas and providing exceptional support.

The Breeze team actually listens to suggestions from their clients that makes this tool an invaluable one in our company's success.

Laura Flórez Campo avatarLaura Flórez Campo, QualitecFarma

Breeze has single-handedly transformed the way our company interacts and communicates between teams ...

It has allowed us to do what we love the most and that is to effectively and efficiently help our clients ...

This platform is that perfect mixture for teams wanting to have everything they need and nothing they don't. I would recommend this tool to any team, big or small.

Jeremy Freeman avatarJeremy Freeman, Cubicle Ninjas

Breeze is very easy to use. I love how simple it is to customize a project template or create your own. Great reporting tool too.

Huge variety of notification settings is extremely convenient for the entire team. Breeze is a convenient tool that helps to keep track of multiple projects gathered at one place.

I have found that with Breeze tasks get done much quicker thanks to a wide variety of notification settings.

Olga Belchenko avatarOlga Belchenko, Edutone

Breeze is very easy to use and allows us the flexibility we need to seamlessly integrate with our internal process and workflow.

We selected Breeze because it integrates with Harvest and because we liked their cards based approach. We found it to be better than Asana for the way we use it.

Chris T. avatarChris T., Marketing and Advertising

Breeze allows me to work with my team and communicate with them remotely

Breeze helps us stay organized and not rely on digging through email to keep up with projects ... having everything in one place for each job helps us do that

Teni H. avatarTeni H., Copywriter

I love the simple work flow, as someone who is naturally disorganised this tool really helps me to see what needs done and when. Being able to use it to collaborate on projects, track time and assign tasks has increased my visibility on projects and also helped ease stress.

Colin M. avatarColin M., PPC Account Manager

A special shout out to @BreezeTeam for having not only a great #projectmanagement tool, but for also having exceptional customer service!! Thanks!!

Kim Atkinson avatar Kim Atkinson, Ontario SEO

@BreezeTeam. We've made the switch to Breeze and really liking it! Our team is learning it quickly. Great stuff!

Chris Thomas avatar Chris Thomas, Needlestack Digital Marketing

Team officially decided to replace Basecamp w/ Breeze + Slack channels to support agile process and real-time client comm #EmailZero

Tricia Steele avatar Tricia Steele, Business