Public tasks

You can share tasks with anybody using a secure public link. Anybody with the link can see the task and they don't need an account in Breeze.

To create a public link open a project and click on the task you like to share. In the task window side menu click on the "More" button and then choose "Public link".

Task public link

By default public links are disabled and you can enable it by click on the "Enable task public link" option.

Enable task public link

Click on the "Open task public link" link to see the public URL. It'll open a new browser window and you can just copy the URL from the browser location bar.

Commenting in public tasks

You can also allow commenting on public tasks. When this option is enabled then anybody can enter their email and they'll receive a unique link that allows them to comment on that task.

Public tasks are a good way to share tasks and keep everybody in the loop.