Picking the right project management tool for your team

A simple guide to help you make the right choice

If you're looking for a new project management tool or thinking of switching your current one, you might have a lot of questions about how to select the right one for your needs.

You've probably seen dozens of project management tools and solutions. Some of them are sophisticated enterprise software with dozens of features, which can be overwhelming. Others are simple pen and paper systems that aren't precise enough to give you insight into your project's performance.

With the right solution, you'll be able to clearly see how your projects are performing so you can make the necessary adjustments.

Breeze is easy to use and simple to understand

Are you frustrated with complicated, feature-packed enterprise software that you don't need?

We designed Breeze to solve the problem. Breeze is built from real world experience managing hundreds of projects over the years. Breeze provides the best core functionality so you don’t have to use extra tools to get the job done.

Do one thing and do it well.

With Breeze, you’ll get a simple-to-use product with amazing tools to help you stay organized. Breeze was built for simplicity, and it will look and feel like a simple board.

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If you want to go beyond Breeze's core project management functionality, we have some great add-ons that will enhance your integrations. You can choose from apps like Slack, Freshbooks, Toggl, Harvest, Zendesk, Github, and more.

Breeze is designed to encourage collaboration

Without a built-in ability to collaborate, tasks start to slip through the cracks because it is hard to keep track of what needs to be done.

Unlike other systems, Breeze is used by everyone. Non technical people as well as the business side - even accountants - enjoy the simplicity and ease of use, without any need to spend hours training on the system.

Breeze makes project management both easy and collaborative with smooth project communication between team members.

Leave feedback, discuss problems

There's no need to learn complicated interface. Conversations are easy, simple, and very helpful. With just a few clicks, users can insert replies, attach files, and mention others. There's no need to spend time figuring out how to use Breeze.

Breeze helps you get more done with less effort

Breeze has all the functionality to help make you and your team more productive. It can saves hours of wasted time, multiple by that by two, three or more users and that's a lot of lost time and money.

As a small business and from previous experience, we understand how devastating that can be.

And unlike complex enterprise tools there are no time sheets to fill out or complicated screens for todos, just a simple one click entry and your done.

Project statuses

Breeze show you exactly what needs to be done.

If our collaboration and productivity features will save you and your team just 3 hours per month then Breeze will more than pay for itself.

Breeze lets you keep track of your progress

See where your team spends time and effort. Keep your projects on time and budget.

Breeze has simple reports in web and email, just point and click. No complicated macros, settings or filters.

See what was done, by whom and how long it took.

Report on progress

Breeze comes to you instead of you having to go to Breeze.

We'll send you a weekly activity report email, showing everything you’ve logged for the previous week.

It’s important for your business that you don’t lose billable time and the weekly reports will help getting you paid for your hard work.