A simple way to manage your projects and tasks

Breeze is a project management software that organizes your projects visually. Breeze gets your work done simply and effectively.

Project board with tasks and task lists.
Project board list view.

Breeze lets you see and interact with your entire project, at the same time keeping a focus on a task. You can use the project board view or the classical task list view.

Tasks and task lists

Boards, lists and tasks let you organize your project. Drag and drop tasks to prioritize work.


Set statuses to task to show your progress. Maximize your workflow with custom statuses.


Assign a color to tasks to make them stand out or set priorities.


Use tags to give additional context, categorize or group your tasks. Use colored tags to make them visually distinct.

Due dates

Set start dates and due dates for tasks. Tasks with dates show up in the calendar.


Assign tasks to one or multiple users.


Add files and documents to tasks. Upload directly from your computer or link files from the cloud.

Custom fields

Personalize Breeze projects with custom fields. Rate tasks, track priority, store contact and client information.

Import tasks

Ditch the spreadsheets and import your projects to Breeze from CSV. Import tasks with copy and paste from anywhere.


Reduce repetitive manual actions and set up automatic actions to assign tasks, assign tags or colors, set due dates, colors, tags and more.

Tasks with attributes

To-dos and to-do lists

Divide your work into smaller bits to complete them faster. Organize your work with to-dos and to-do lists.

Assign and set dates

Set due dates and assign to one or multiple users. Mark as done. Reorder with drag and drop to set priorities.


Import from CSV or just copy paste from anywhere to create to-dos.

Convert to tasks

Convert to-dos and to-do list to tasks. Break big tasks into smaller manageable pieces.

Copy to-do lists

Copy to-do list between tasks or create templates.

To-dos and to-do lists

Time tracking, estimates and budgets

Keep track of your team's time. Run a timer, enter the time afterward or use an integration.

Set project budgets

Set your billing rate for each project and keep track of hours spent and total expenditures on all your projects. Set project budgets in hours, rates and amounts.

Project budgeting

Estimate work

Estimate task size and difficulty. Estimate the whole task or let every user estimate their work. User-based estimates let you plan and manage user workloads.

Estimate tasks and work

Log work

Log your work and time spent on every task. Choose the date, enter time worked and add a comment. Mark time entries as billable or not billable

Time tracking

Start the timer

Use the built-in timer to track your time. Click on the play button to start the timer. Close your browser and come back later, we save your on the server and you never lose a minute of your work.

Time tracking timer, timer running

Discussions and conversations

Have conversations, discuss details or leave feedback. Communication made easy by keeping everything on a single page.

Mention users

Mentions anyone to get their attention. They'll get a notification with all the relevant information.

Add reactions

A quick way to give feedback or express your thoughts and feelings about something by adding emoji reactions.

Attach files

Add files to comments. Upload from your computer or from the cloud - Dropbox, Google Drive, Box or OneDrive.

Reply via email

When someone adds a comment you'll get an email, just reply to that and your comment will be added to the task. All of your communication neatly contained in the appropriate task and organized.

Leave feedback, discuss problems

Project progress

Get a high-level overview of your work. See how projects are advancing and if there are any roadblocks.

Project status

Monitor all of your projects in one place. Get a high-level overview of your projects - set statuses, due dates, colors and monitor progress. Quickly see how much work has been done and what still needs to be done.

Project statuses

Files and documents

A central place for all your files. Everyone on the project will know exactly where to find everything.

Project files

Store all your files in Breeze. There are no limits or quotas. The files repository contains all the files from tasks and comments. Link files from Dropbox, Google Drive, Box or OneDrive to keep an extra level of security.

Project files


Have all your project related information in one place. Convenient and also increases productivity.

Project notes

Projects are more than just a list of tasks. Breeze lets you keep all your meeting notes, project guidelines, instructions, briefs, ideas and more easily accessible under each project.

Project notes

Activity stream and notifications

All the changes in your projects are visible in the activity stream. Get notifications by email.


By the minute activity for every project in one place. See the most important changes and updates.

Email notifications

Daily and hourly recap emails. Weekly time tracking reports. Choose what kind of notifications you'll get.

Notifications center

Instantly see when someone mentions you or adds a reaction to comments and tasks.

Projects activity stream

Team chat

Improve teamwork with team chat. Connect with your remote teammates.

Team chat

Team chat keeps your team across the world on the same page and up to speed. It lets you share ideas and receive feedback in real-time. Organize your chat rooms by projects, teams, privately or any other way you like.

Team chat

Email inbox for projects, tasks and discussions

Manage your tasks via email and respond to comments. Clients love it.

Create tasks via email

Create tasks by sending email to your personal Breeze address. Assign tasks to users, change status, move to lists, tag, assign dates, estimate workload and more, directly from email.

Add comments via email

Reply to the questions sent to you using your favorite email client. Every reply will go to the right project, under the right user and task.

Reply via email

Share your projects with clients

Breeze is a great tool for working directly with clients and getting them involved. You can invite as many client users as you need. All client users are free.

Public projects

Share your work, progress, roadmaps and ideas with public projects. Engage with your community, share your product’s development, get feedback from users and keep everybody on the same page.

Public projects

Public tasks

Share tasks with anyone. It's great for sharing tasks with someone who’s not part of your team, project, or doesn't have an account in Breeze, but needs to be in the loop.

Public tasks

Keep tasks private

You can move tasks in and out of the hidden list. Create a private backlog of tasks that are not visible to clients.

Keep tasks private

Keep comments private

You can share tasks with clients and have private discussions with your teammates. Make comments private with one click.

Keep comments private

Calendars and resource management

Instantly know when something starts and ends, and if someone on your team is overloaded or idle.

Tasks calendar

A master calendar with all your project calendars combined. Create a new task. Filter and assign tasks to people. Bookmark calendars to save your favorite filters. Sync your calendars with Google Calendar, Outlook or any other.

Task calendar. Team planner.

Daily agenda

The schedule view shows you all the events in a list or agenda format. Easily see when tasks overlap and where there is free time between tasks.

Calendar agenda view

Team workload

The team workload shows you all the events that are assigned to users. Plan and manage your team's workload. See how tasks are distributed and if someone has too much or too little work.

Team workload

Project timeline

The timeline automatically maps out your project plans. You can see deadlines and how tasks across projects connect. The timeline will help you stay on track you can finish projects on time.

Project timeline

Work dashboard

See all your tasks on a single page. Know which tasks are due and when.

Your tasks

See all the tasks created by users across all the projects. See what tasks are due this week or overdue.

Master board

A master project board that shows all the tasks from all the projects in one simple board. It gives you a bird's eye view and makes it easy to get an overview of all your projects.

Tasks dashboard

All the reporting you need

Get insights on where your team spends time and effort. See what was done, by whom and how long it took.


Time tracking, tasks, tasks due, user and task workload, task completion and project totals. Filter by project, users, status and more.

Public reports

Share all your reports with anybody using secure public links. Anybody who knows the secure link can track your progress, they don't need an account in Breeze.

Export reports

Export reports to CSV or sync to Freshbooks.

Attach files to tasks and comments

Breeze on the go, mobile apps

Get a quick overview and see what's happening in your projects. Access all your projects. Read and leave feedback. Review and complete to-dos. Assign tasks and log time. Breeze mobile has all the things you need when you're on the go.

Get quickly started with the mobile web app.

Breeze has native apps for iOS and Android. The official Breeze app for iPhone, available on the App Store. For Android Breeze app, get it on Google Play.

Breeze mobile, task details Breeze mobile project management app - iOS and Android

Integrations and add-ons

Seamlessly extend and expand Breeze with native integrations or Zapier

Slack and Breeze Gravity forms and Breeze Zendesk support and Breeze Toggl and Breeze Harvest and Breeze Github and Breeze Gitlab and Breeze Zapier and Breeze

A simple project management tool for your team

Breeze shows you what's being worked on, who's working on what, where things are in the workflow and how much time it took. Your entire team can use Breeze, from accountants to developers