Web forms

Project forms are a fantastic way to gather information and feedback easily. They're like digital questionnaires that you create within Breeze, where people can submit their responses. It's super handy for surveys, collecting ideas, or even creating contact forms. You can customize the fields, like checkboxes or text inputs, and the data gathered goes straight into your Breeze project. It's a fantastic tool to keep all your info organized and accessible in one place.

Accessing project forms

Project forms are located under projects.

  1. Log in to your Breeze account and navigate to the desired project.
  2. Click on the project options dropdown menu.
  3. Select "Project forms" from the menu.

Project setting forms

Form builder

In the project forms window, you will find a list of existing forms on the left side.

To create a new form, click the "New form" button in the top left corner.

Every form has a name, description, and list of questions.

Project form builder

You can choose from the following question types:

  • Short text: For short text entries (single-line input field).
  • Long text: For longer text entries (multi-line input field).
  • Number: For numerical values only (input field).
  • Date: To allow users to select a date from a calendar (date field).
  • Single-select: A list of options where users can choose only one selection.
  • Multi-select: A list of options that enables users to choose multiple values.
  • Attachment: A field that allows users to upload files using selection or drag-and-drop.

You can add as many questions as needed to gather the specific information required.

Publishing forms

After creating the form, go to the "Publish" page within the form builder.

On the "Publish" page, you can find various options to manage your form:

  • Choose the task list where submissions are stored
  • Enable or disable your form.
  • Delete the form if no longer needed.
  • Copy the public link of the form to share securely.

Project forms settings

The form URLs are securly generated and unguessable.

Form submissions

Form submission are stored as tasks in your project. The questions and answers are added to the description of the task.

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