Task due date and start date

You can add a start date and a due date to every task in Breeze. It lets you know when to start working on something and how long it takes.

Tasks with dates

To add a start date or a due date to a task click on the task to open the task window. Then click on the "Due date" button on the task window side menu.

By default, it opens with the due date input. Click on the top to add a start date.

Task dates

You can also add time to every date. The input box lets you type the time and it automatically sets it. It supports AM/PM and 24-hour formats. Here are some examples:

  • 1pm
  • 3am
  • 2:30pm
  • 13:00
  • 03:00
  • 14:30

Tasks with dates automatically show up on the Calendar page in every calendar.

Adding start dates and due dates let you also run reports on tasks. You can use the "Task due" reports to see what tasks are due when and by whom.

Due date colors

The due date and start date are shown in the task window and on the task card normally without any background color. The background color changes based on the following rules.

Due dates can have 3 colors:

  • Yellow - tasks that are due tomorrow
  • Red - tasks that are due today
  • Light red - tasks which have a due date in the past

Task due dates with color

The coloring lets you quickly see what tasks need attention and if something is falling behind the schedule.

The color rules are applied only to due dates and not to start dates.