Tracking time

You can estimate and track work on every task. Breeze has two options for tracking time, you can either manually log work or start a timer.

Logging time

If timers aren't for you then you can always enter time manually. The input box is super easy to use:

  • 5 → 15 minutes
  • 15m → 15 minutes
  • 10h → 10 hours
  • 2 → 2 hours
  • 4h → 4 hours
  • 1d → 8 hours

You can always override the suggestion by using "h" or "m" to indicate hours or minutes.

Tracking time

Every user can log time separately on a task.

You can mark time entries billable and non-billable by clicking on dollar symbol.

Starting the timer

Breeze has a buil-in timer that your can use to track your work.

You can start the timer from:

  1. In the task window - click on the "Start timer" button in the time tracking section.
  2. On the project board - click on the play button on the task card.


You can close your browser and come back later, your time is saved on the server and you never lose a minute of your work.