Time tracking

You can estimate and track work on every task. Breeze has two options for tracking time, you can either manually log work or start a timer.

Estimate tasks and log time

If timers aren't for you then you can always enter time manually. The input box is super easy to use:

  • 5 → 15 minutes
  • 15m → 15 minutes
  • 10h → 10 hours
  • 2 → 2 hours
  • 4h → 4 hours
  • 1d → 8 hours

You can always override quick assumptions by using "h" or "m" to indicate hours or minutes.

Logging time

Every user can log time separately on a task.

Starting the timer

Breeze has a buil-in timer that your can use to track your work. Just click on the play button to start tracking. You can close your browser and come back later, your time is saved on the server and you never lose a minute of your work.

Tracking timer