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Email, chat, and spreadsheets are a productivity drain

When your team’s work is spread out across chat, email, and spreadsheets - important details start to fall through the cracks. Miscommunication and inherent inefficiencies start to grind your projects to a halt.

Files, comments, notes, and important information are all floating without context in different tools. No wonder team members are getting lost, confused, and demotivated.

Breeze makes it easy to track and manage everything while keeping everyone on the same page

Breeze is designed to be intuitive and simple for any team member to use. And coupled with powerful project management features, your projects become more streamlined and efficient.


Easier project planning

Set important milestones, plan project timelines, and assign team members to various tasks.


Friction-free productivity

With clear priorities, task accountability, and simple communication and collaboration tools, your team are empowered to do great work.


Track progress

Get immediate clarity with full-featured reporting. See exactly where there are any roadblocks and get all the info you need to make better operational decisions.

One place for everything.

Breeze helps to streamline everything from collaboration to communication and reporting. Files are easier to find, tasks are easier to track, and projects get delivered right on time.

Project board with tasks and task lists.

The ‘just right’ approach to project management

Unlike other project management tools, Breeze was designed from the ground up to be simple and intuitive for all teams to use. Packed with features you need but stripped of anything unnecessary. Breeze helps you run projects smoothly without adding extra admin on your plate.

● Streamlined tasks

Break your project down into tasks, then assign them to the relevant team member.
Get an instant view of who’s doing what by when.

● Project view

Visualize every part of your project roadmap.
Track progress and quickly pivot and change plans when required.

● Contextual conversations

No more trawling through emails and chat logs.
Tag team members in any message and keep the conversation relevant and contextual.

● Calendars

Keep your team on track to meet key milestones and deadlines.
See all tasks required on a timeline - and quickly make changes when necessary.

● Clear accountability

clear accountability. Everyone can see who’s working on what.
Easily spot when someone is overburdened with tasks and reassign to someone who’s free.

● Progress reports

A visual representation of your project allows you to spot areas that need work.
Assess your key wins and the important areas you need to work on for next time.