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● Project management

Organize your work with simple to use project boards

Project Boards

Create a project board with lists and tasks for your work.

Project Groups

Add project groups to organize similar projects together.

Project Templates

Use project templates to quickly start new projects.

List View

View your project boards as simple task lists. Fit more information on to your screen.

Task lists

Create task lists to divide work more efficiently. Drag and drop tasks between lists.


Add tasks using the quick entry box or directly to every task list.


Group and categorize your tasks horizontally on the project boards using swimlanes.

Work Limits

Focus on your tasks with work in progress limits. Set limits for each task list.


Filter project boards using tags, statuses, colors, users, and more.

Files and Documents

Unlimited storage for your files and documents. Upload from your computer or cloud - Google Docs, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive.

Public Projects

Share your work, progress, roadmaps and ideas with public projects. No account in Breeze needed.

Budgets and Rates

Add budgets and hourly rates to projects. Instantly shows you when you're over budget.

Project Due Dates

Set project start and due dates to project to keep them on time.

Project Statuses

Show the overall progress of a project.See if projects are advancing and if there are any roadblocks

Email Inbox

Add tasks to projects from email. Assign, set due dates, set statuses and more, directly from email.


By the minute activity stream. See what was done, when and by whom.

Progress Reports

See how long tasks take to complete and stay on the project board.

Master Board

Combine all your projects into one master project board.

Real-time updates

All your updates and changes show up instantly – no need to refresh the page.

Email Notifications

Everyone's notified about updates via email. Daily recaps and weekly reports available.

Project Calendars

Tasks with due dates are shown in the project calendar.

Backup and Export

Export all your projects in HTML and JSON format.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Use keyboard shortcuts to quickly manage projects and tasks.

Project Notes

Keep all your project related information in one place.

Team Messages

Bring your company together with a virtual office so that everybody can be up to date.

● Task management

Organize and manage your projects with task cards.


See all your tasks on a single page. Know which tasks are due and when.


Organize your work using to-dos and add them to tasks.

Assign Tasks

Assign tasks to users and get notifications about it.

Subscribe to Tasks

Subscribe yourself and other users to tasks to get notifications every time something is updated.

Comments and Discussions

Add comments to tasks. Manage who can see the discussion.


Add files and documents to tasks and comments. Upload directly from your computer or from the cloud.


Mark tasks as done, ready, blocked or completed. Keeps everyone on the same page.


Assign a color to tasks to make them stand out on the project board.


Tag tasks to add more context or extra information.

Due Dates

Set start dates and due dates for tasks. Tasks with dates show up in the calendar.

Estimates and Sizing

Estimate tasks using hours or a point system.

Mention and Reference

Mention users in comments and tasks to get their attention. Reference task to add a link.

Time Tracking

Fully featured time tracking. Start a timer or enter the time manually.

Custom Fields

Personalize projects with custom fields. Drop downs and text fields.

Custom Statuses

Maximize your workflow with custom statuses. Rename or update default statuses.

Task Dependencies

Link tasks to create dependencies between them. See what needs to be done and in what order

Import Tasks

Import tasks from anywhere using copy and paste. Excel, Google Sheets, web pages or simple text.

Recurring Tasks

Automatically create tasks in your projects. Copy all or some of the task attributes.

Public Tasks

Share tasks publicly with anyone. Don't need to have an account in Breeze.

Email Replies

Add comments to tasks by replying to email notifications.

Copy and Move

Copy and move tasks inside projects and between projects.

● Calendars

Instantly know when something starts and ends.

Tasks Calendar

A master calendar with all your project calendars combined. Filter and assign tasks to people.

Team Calendar

See your team's workload, how are tasks distributed and if someone has too much or too little work.


Add, remove and update tasks directly in the calendar.


Bookmark your calendar settings and filters.

Google Calendar

Sync Breeze calendars with Google Calendar. All your tasks from Breeze will show up in Google Calendar.

iCal export

Export calendars in iCal format and import them into any system.

● Reports

See where your team spends time and effort. Keep your projects on time and budget.

Time Tracking Reports

All your time entries grouped by projects, users and tasks.

Tasks Reporting

Instantly see what tasks were worked on and by whom.

Task Due Reports

See all the tasks and to-dos that are due this week, next week or any time period.

Task Completion

See how long tasks have been on the board or how long it took to finish them. A simple cumulative flow diagram.

Project Totals

The total amount of time tracked and estimated on each project in one report.

Lead and Cycle Times

Measure your project lead and cycle time by task status and list.


Drill down to every report by filtering by projects, users, lists, status, tags and more.


Save your favorite reports with filters. Makes it really easy for you to retrieve them later.

Public Reports

Share your progress with public reports. No account needed in Breeze to view them.

Export to CSV

Export all your reports to CSV. Open and edit in Google Docs, Word or anywhere else.

● Online Forms

Form Builder

Build online forms using simple and easy to use interface. Add any type of questions you need - text, numbers, dates, files, and more.

Public Forms

Share forms with everybody using secure links. Anybody can send you feedback and requests.

Internal Forms

Share forms with only your team. Use forms to create a work and task collection process.

Form Submissions

Create tasks from form submissions. Use all the tools offered by Breeze to manage requests. Task automation, comments, statuses, and more.

● Everything Else

Mobile Apps

Your projects, at your fingertips! Breeze mobile apps for iOS and Android let you see what's happening and keep moving forward, even when you're away from your desk.

Integrations and Add-Ons

Supercharge your workflow! Breeze integrates with the tools you already use, like accounting, time tracking, chat, and code management. This seamless connection keeps your projects moving smoothly.


Unleash the power of customization! Our API allows you to build custom integrations with your favorite tools and access all your project data for deeper insights.

In the Cloud

Skip the setup, focus on results! Breeze is a secure, cloud-hosted solution with no installation or configuration needed.

Agile and Lean

Breeze goes beyond traditional project management. Built on agile principles, it fosters collaboration and empowers teams to achieve more.

Human Support

Our friendly support team is here to help! Expect a reply from a real person within an hour, ready to answer your questions and hear your feedback.