Breeze features and benefits

  • Dashboard

    See who's working on what, when and how much time it took.

  • Task lists

    Drag and drop tasks into lists to keep related tasks organized together.

  • To-dos

    Organize your to-dos into lists and add them to tasks.

  • Email notifications

    Everyone's notified about updates to tasks in real-time.

  • Real-time updates

    Comments, edits, and changes show up as they’re created – no need to refresh the page.

  • Project budgeting

    Set a budget to your project and track your time and money.

  • Time tracking

    Fully featured time tracking - start a timer or enter the time afterwards.

  • Calendars

    Instantly know when something starts and ends, sync with your own calendar using iCal

  • Resource management

    See your team's workload, how are tasks distributed and if someone has too much or too little work.

  • Reports

    See where your team spends time and effort. Keep your projects on time and budget.

  • Keyboard shortcuts

    Use keyboard shortcuts to manage and edit all your tasks.

  • Files and documents

    Unlimited storage for you files and documents.

  • Human support

    A real person will respond to you quickly, usually within a few hours. We welcome all your feedback and ideas.

  • Kanban board

    Breeze is an effective Kanban board that includes tracking and reporting functionality.

  • Agile

    Breeze is built around agile principles and ideas, it draws on ideas from lean manufacturing to provides a new way of thinking about project management.

  • Breeze mobile

    Get a quick overview and see what's happening in your projects using your mobile device.