Swimlanes are horizontal lanes on your project board that let your group and isolate similar tasks together.

You can choose to set up your swimlanes in any way you like. Here are some examples:

  • Users - one user per swimlane
  • Projects - one project per swimlane
  • Departments - divide tasks between departments - development, design, marketing, etc
  • Priorities, Current Projects, Completed Projects, Issues
  • Features - example Feature A, Feature B, Feature C

Adding swimlanes

You can add as many swimlanes as you need. To add a new swimlane:

  1. Click on the 3-dot icon on the top left corner.
  2. Choose "Add a swimlane" from the dropdown menu.

Adding swimalnes

The new swimlane is added to the end of the project board.

It's not possible to name or move the first section above all the swimlanes. This is the default place for all tasks. You can still move all tasks to other swimlanes and then it'll automatically minimize.

Project board with swimlanes

Renaming a swimlane

Click on the swimlane name to rename it.

Renaming swimlanes

Deleting a swimlane

You can delete swimlanes from the action menu:

  1. Click on the 3-dot icon in front of the swimlane name.
  2. Select "Delete swimlane" from the dropdown menu.

Deleting swimlanes

If you delete a swimlane and there are tasks in the swimlane then they are moved to the first swimlane.

Sorting swimlane

You can sort the swimlanes by dragging and dropping.

Sorting swimlanes

The default first swimlane is fixed in place and it's not possible to move it.