Bring your remote team together with Breeze

Breeze is the simple way for remote teams to plan projects and work together - even when in different timezones.

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Still working with email, chat, and spreadsheets?

Collaboration is key to making remote teams efficient. Yet when all your work is spread across chat, email, and spreadsheets - it’s only a matter of time until errors and inefficiencies start to grind your projects to a halt.

Team members have to trawl through long email and chat threads - and then navigate complex spreadsheets to find things they need. Important details start to fall through the cracks, everyone is confused, and team morale takes a nosedive.

Breeze takes the effort out of remote team work

A simple project management tool - designed to be easy and intuitive for remote teams to use. With Breeze, everything is clear, straightforward, and in one place.


A central space for everything

One space for all tasks, comments, discussions and files.

  • Save time switching between different tools.
  • Nothing falls through the cracks, so projects run smoother.
  • Easy to understand and simple to use - even for your non-technical team members.

Track progress easily

No more long-winded conference calls for status updates.

  • At-a-glance view of your project progress for everyone.
  • See who’s working on what and when they’ll be done.
  • Everyone knows exactly what tasks they need to do next.

Always accessible

Breeze is fully online and works on any web browser. It even includes unlimited cloud storage, and a mobile app!

  • Empower your team to do great work from anywhere.
  • Keep everyone in the loop without taking time out for conference calls.
  • Easy collaboration, no matter what web browser or computer.

Breeze helps your team collaborate, manage their work, and track progress all on one intuitive tool

Project board with tasks and task lists.

Every feature you need - with none of the complexity

Unlike other project management tools, Breeze makes it easy for any member of your team to transition to remote work. Everything is clear, simple, and easy to use. No confusing jargon or overly technical features.

● Simple tasks

Know exactly what tasks you need to complete by when.

● Project view

A clear view of the whole project and every necessary task.

● Conversations

All your communication is always in the right context and where you’d expect to find it.

● Calendars

Never miss a milestone - an at-a-glance view of your whole schedule.

● Time tracking

Track how long tasks are taking and make it easier to invoice clients.

● Progress reports

An overall view of all your work - and any issues that are blocking your team.