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Personalize Breeze projects with custom fields

Mar 6
We just released an exciting new feature. Custom fields let you add more information to tasks and track it in...

Small features and changes - hide weekends, user roles

Feb 15
Here's a short list of small changes and updates that we have done to Breeze recently. Some of it you...

Quick task add and design updates

Jan 15
We start off the new year with small design updates and a new way to quickly add tasks. This will...

A better way to manage to-dos

Dec 18
We are happy to announce another small but valuable update to Breeze before the end of the year. Now you...

A quick way to add tasks and find what you need on the mobile

Nov 30
We just updated Breeze mobile apps and added a couple of new features, made some optimizations and fixed tons of...

New features: bulk copy and move tasks, subscribed tasks and more

Nov 22
Here's a list of small feature and updates that we added over the past weeks. Bulk task move and copy...

Maximize your workflow with custom statuses

Oct 26
An exciting new feature has just been released. Custom statuses are a way to give tasks more quick context and...

Better mobile project tracking - updates to mobile app

Oct 17
We have updated Breeze mobile apps and added some long waited and much requested features. Now you can log in...

Better project management with colors

Sep 8
We are happy to announce another set of updates to Breeze. This time the focus has been on adding...

New in Breeze: subscribe to task list, sort task lists by due date, tags case sensitivity and more

Aug 8
We have been working on Breeze all the summer and here's a list of some of the bigger improvements. Subscribe...

Tracking project progress

Jul 4
We just released another update to the project analytics, now it's even more awesome. The analytics is now renamed to...

Subscribe users to tasks

Jun 16
You can subscribe to tasks and have an email sent to you every time something changes on a task. Now...