Wrike - ‘leading’ project management software that doesn’t work for everyone

It may be a leader but is it right for you?

Wrike may be rated by some software review and comparison websites as the Number 1 project management application, but it’s by no means perfect.

Some software just isn’t really right for your needs, and although Wrike may be identified as a leader when using metrics such as customer satisfaction, it doesn’t mean it will be right for you, your business and your team.

Leading software products most often become leaders because they have broken through in more than one sector of the market. But one problem we see a lot with software designed to have a broad market appeal is that it may be loaded with features that some find are not relevant for their industry or the way they want to work. Software-savvy people call this ‘bloatware’.

Breeze vs Wrike

Also, specifically when we are talking about Wrike, there are a range of other areas where the software fails to live up to expectations.

Here are some of the comments we have found online that suggest some users of Wrike find it unsatisfactory.

Wrike user comments

Issue Specific comment
Value It is a bit expensive and lacks features of other PM software
Customization Limited field and report customization
Automation Doesn’t remember folder creation settings
User Experience User interface is counter-intuitive
Bloatware So many features it's overwhelming to find the ones you need
User Experience Takes some time to learn how to use it most effectively
On boarding Wrike was not the easiest thing to sell to the team as a whole
Critical Path Automatic features adjusted dates causing missed deadlines!
Newbies Frustrating for people who are new to project management
Source: https://www.softwareadvice.com/project-management/wrike-profile/

Simple but not stupid

One of the key things about Breeze is that we designed it to be simple and easy to use. We didn’t just want it to appeal to tech-heads like software development people, it had to be intuitive and work for just about anyone.

The real kicker is that although we keep it simple, it’s not stupid. Breeze offers a great user experience. But as it is built with Kanban and Agile in mind, it still offers all the tools needed to perform serious project management.

What choosing the right project management software really boils down to, is whether the product you are looking at is really a good fit with your business and the way you like to work.

Just like shoes, take a walk around in software before buying

You can look at it a little bit like buying shoes. Just because a pair of shoes comes in your size, it doesn’t mean they fit comfortably. Once you make your choice, it’s advisable to walk around in your new shoes (indoors!) for a while to make sure they don’t rub, bite or chafe.

And the same thing goes for software. Try it out properly before committing to a product. Make sure you take the free trial, which almost all vendors now offer, to put the product through its paces to make sure it works for you.

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