Wrike - 'leading' project management software that doesn’t work for everyone

If you go on certain software review websites, you’ll find a lot of users raving about Wrike, some even calling it the number one project management application in the market.

But does that mean that all businesses and teams out there should be using Wrike?

The answer is easy: no, it doesn’t.

Although expressions like “Leading software” or “number one application” might be extremely tempting - “If so many people are happy with it, surely I will be too!” - they don’t necessarily mean “the right product for you”.

Here’s the problem with most leading software products: they often get to that position because they’ve reached major levels of success in several sectors of the market. They’re broad solutions that can be efficient to many different businesses, but there’s always the other side of the coin and in this case, it isn’t as positive: because they are so broad, many times they’re loaded with features that you might not find useful for your industry or project management/business goals. 

That’s what software-savvy people call bloatware.

And when we look specifically into Wrike, on top of this bloatware, there are many other areas where the software fails to live up to expectations.

In fact, if you pay close attention when going through those review websites, you’ll see that some users have already picked on these flaws. Take a look at the following user comments, for instance:

Issue Specific comment
Value It is a bit expensive and lacks features of other PM software
Customization Limited field and report customization
Automation Doesn’t remember folder creation settings
User Experience User interface is counter-intuitive
Bloatware So many features it's overwhelming to find the ones you need
User Experience Takes some time to learn how to use it most effectively
On boarding Wrike was not the easiest thing to sell to the team as a whole
Critical Path Automatic features adjusted dates causing missed deadlines!
Newbies Frustrating for people who are new to project management
Source: https://www.softwareadvice.com/project-management/wrike-profile/

What’s the solution?

Easy: an intuitive software that anyone can use, but that only offers relevant features that project managers will actually use and benefit from on a regular basis - and that’s exactly what we created with Breeze.

To us, simplicity was (and still is) key.

We know that not everyone shares this point of view. Some might even see a simple tool as a tool made for the stupid. But Breeze is not that.

Breeze offers a great user experience and it is very easy to navigate, yes. However, as it is built with Kanban and Agile in mind, it still offers all the tools needed to perform serious project management.

In short, Breeze proves that ‘simple’ and ‘tech-savvy’ can absolutely co-exist and that the combination can result in a product with the potential to help thousands of teams stay organized and boost their productivity.

The secret to choosing the right project management software for you

When you go shoe shopping, you never buy a pair without trying it on and taking a few steps with it, right? Even if they’re your size and look like the most comfortable shoes on Earth.

The same logic applies to project management software!

Choosing a tool that is the right fit for your team and goals is all about trying it before you make any investments. Most vendors offer a free trial period, so you don’t lose anything by experimenting before you commit to a product.

And why not start off with Breeze? Get your 14-day free trial and see with your own eyes how a simple, minimalistic tool can be so powerful and efficient!

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