A central place for all your files

By Rene on Jun 20

We added a new feature to Breeze that gives you a central place where you can manage all your files. You can view, add, delete and search all the project files.

You can find the link to the files under the task quick input box.

Project files

The files repository contains all the files from tasks and comments. You can view your files in grid or list layout. The grid layout is like a gallery that shows small thumbnails of the files. This gives you a quick overview of all the images.

Project files overview

You can sort the files by name and date. Search the files using the name or the extensions. Example, to find all images search for "png" or "jpg".

The other option is to use the list view. This is good when you have a large number of files and you need to quickly find a file.

Project files list

Sorting and searching functionality works here also.

You can upload files from your computer or link them from Google Drive, Dropbox or Box. Either use the "Add files" menu or drag and drop the file. When you use Dropbox, Google Drive or Box to add files them we only link them to Breeze, nothing is uploaded to our server. This lets you edit the original file and always have the latest version available in Breeze.