Introducing project statuses: a high-level overview of your work

By Rene on Jan 2

We are happy to announce a new feature start off the new year. We are introducing project statuses that will help you track your work better.

To make it possible we made a small visual update to the projects page. Everything is still in the same places but there are some extra options that let you control what you see on the page. The most important aspects of every project: status, due dates, progress and color indicators are now in one place.

Project statuses

Click on the three dot menu in front of the project name to set all the option. You can show or hide all the elements from the filtering menu. By default, we'll show you all the fields if any of the projects has status, due date, color or estimates.

Project status settings


Project statuses are a way to indicate the overall progress of a project. They show you and your team how projects are advancing and if there are any roadblocks in the overall progress. The project statuses are the same as task statuses. By default there are four statuses "Done", "Ready", "On Hold" and "Blocked". They match the typical states which a project can be in over its lifetime.

Project status

You can also define your own statuses using custom statuses. This lets you maximize your workflow, give more context and track projects the way that suits your needs

Due dates

Due dates are a good way to keep track of your project completion or set deadlines. You can set a start date and an end date for every project. Projects with start and due dates show up in the calendar and are synced to your iCal feed.

Project dates

You can set due dates from the projects page or under the project settings. You can also quickly change the date by clicking on the date on the project list.


You can assign a color to a project and it'll show up on the project card and in the list. The colors are another way to group your projects or mark important projects with distinguishing colors. For example, you can use the red color to mark projects that are important or need attention

We moved the project colors to the front of the project name to make it easier to read.


Project progress charts are a good way to track and forecast projects. They let you visualize your effort and overall progress. You can quickly see how much work has been done and how much needs to be still done.

You can choose the view the progress as a chart, amount in numbers or remaining effort.

Project progress bars Project progress amount Project progress remaining

Every project also has in-depth progress charts that you can find under the "progress" tab.

The new projects page gives you a snapshot of all your projects. It shows all the business-critical efforts, progress and statuses on one page.