New in Breeze: Team chat

By Breeze Team on Jul 1

Breeze just got another new feature. This time it's something bigger and more substantial. We're proud to introduce team chat for Breeze.

We thought long and hard before we decided to add this feature. Recent world events gave us another reason to add team chat feature. As more and more people are transitioning to remote work they need a way to keep it touch.

Team chat lets you bring your company together with a virtual office where everybody can communicate. It keeps everyone in sync and included in project discussions.

How it works

The link to the team chat is on the top toolbar. When you open then on the left side you'll see all your rooms and a button to create new rooms. The right side is for all your chats and content. As simple as that.

Team chat

Start by adding a new room by clicking on the "Rooms" button. Give it a name and you'll be automatically taken to it. You can invite people to the room by click on the user count next to the room name.

We use the same editor for the chat as in all your projects. It lets you format text, add files and more.

Here's the main list of functionality:

  • You can mention users and reference tasks - type @ or # to get the autocomplete dropdown
  • You'll get notifications when somebody mentions you in a chat
  • You can upload files from your computer and cloud drivers
  • Anybody can create a room

When to use team chat?

Whether to use team chat or discussions in tasks is a good question. The main principle is that discussions under tasks are related only to that one task. When you need to have a general conversation about a project then it's a perfect fit for a team chat.

Team chat is not tied to any project and you can use it to chat between different teams or for the whole company. Marketing teams, developers, accountants all can have their own team chat to share ideas and get feedback.

Team chat is a central place to share ideas and get feedback. It'll help to eliminate unnecessary meetings.

Managing features

We understand that not all teams are necessarily interested in the team chat feature. To help you keep the interface clean we added a new option that lets administrators enable and disable Breeze features company-wide.

One of the options is to disable team chat and it'll hide the chat tab

Manage features

Admin users can find the link to the features page under their name dropdown menu.

Breeze team chat helps your team communicate, collaborate, and be more productive.