The simple way to keep your whole team on-plan

Finally - a project management tool that your whole team will actually love using. The easy way to organize, plan and track progress on your projects.

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Top companies around the world use Breeze to streamline team productivity

Honestly now, project management shouldn’t be this complicated

Ever feel like managing a project is as time-consuming as the project itself? Most project management tools end up being abandoned because they’re either too complicated to use or too simplistic to be helpful.

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That’s why thousands of top teams are switching

Breeze makes teams more efficient by striking the perfect balance

We’ve made Breeze quick and easy to use for every member of your team. Never too complicated. Not overly basic. Keep your projects organized without adding yet more work to everyone’s plate.

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Breeze has been the only project management tool I've been able to get multiple teams to adopt at my many companies and projects - where everyone seems to be happy.

Quite simply the easiest but most versatile project management tool you'll ever use.

Breeze is everything our team was looking for — an incredibly deep and powerful project management tool that an average user can understand and use immediately.

It’s absolutely essential to our workflow, and the support and constant improvements are unmatched!

How Breeze helps teams achieve more in less time

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Get back in control of your projects

No more missed deadlines, endless status meetings or trawling through emails to see who’s doing what by when.

With Breeze, everyone is always on the same page. See who’s doing what, who’s over burdened and who has bandwidth. Then easily assign tasks and deadlines.

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Collaborate efficiently

Don’t let your team work blind.

Breeze gives your whole team a full view of the project and where their own work fits into the picture.

Smoother self-organized collaboration and greater accountability means better performance and a happier team.

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Easier planning for your projects

Move easily from the big-picture down to the smallest tasks.

Everything organized but always flexible. So you can quickly pivot, make changes and keep your whole team up to date and meeting your goals and targets.

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Reports that make a difference

Keep the business informed on your team’s progress without overwhelming them with useless data.

Customize reports and keep the metrics that really matter front and center.

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Breeze has single-handedly transformed the way our company interacts and communicates between teams ...

It has allowed us to do what we love the most and that is to effectively and efficiently help our clients ...

This platform is that perfect mixture for teams wanting to have everything they need and nothing they don't. I would recommend this tool to any team, big or small.

We use Breeze almost from the beginning, and we have seen how it has evolved for the better, always implementing good ideas and providing exceptional support.

The Breeze team actually listens to suggestions from their clients that makes this tool an invaluable one in our company's success.

Breeze is very easy to use. I love how simple it is to customize a project template or create your own. Great reporting tool too.

Huge variety of notification settings is extremely convenient for the entire team. Breeze is a convenient tool that helps to keep track of multiple projects gathered at one place.

I have found that with Breeze tasks get done much quicker thanks to a wide variety of notification settings.

You’re just a minute away from getting back in control of your projects with the ultimate productivity upgrade that your team will actually want to use.