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A project management software that your whole team will actually love using. The easy way to organize, plan and track progress on your projects.

Breeze project board

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Breeze makes teams more efficient by striking the perfect balance

We’ve made Breeze quick and easy to use for every member of your team. Never too complicated. Not overly basic. Keep your projects organized without adding yet more work to everyone’s plate.

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Project boards

Prioritize your tasks to keep your team on track and avoid getting stuck in tasks that are not getting done. Break down your tasks into stages and make sure each stage is successfully completed before moving onto the next one.

See all your tasks from all your projects in a master board. Breeze gives you a bird's eye view of all your projects and makes it easy to prioritize projects, tasks, and work.

Project board tasks

Task lists

See all your tasks in an easy-to-understand list. Group your tasks by projects and date. Get a clear view of which tasks are coming up and when.

Switch between lists and boards to create your own view. Visualize your projects the way you like and works best for you.

Project task list overview

Timelines & workloads

See a detailed timeline of all your projects, with deadlines highlighted. A highly visual tool helps you see each project and its deadlines, even across different teams.

Manage your team’s workload with ease. Help everyone stay on task by tracking the workload of individual members of your team.

Project and team progress timeline

Reports & progress

Keep your business informed on the progress of your team without overwhelming them with useless data. Build a report that highlights the metrics that you really need to know.

An easy-to-understand tracking system for all your projects. No more guessing which projects are on time and which are behind.

Project progress & status

Breeze has been the only project management tool I've been able to get multiple teams to adopt at my many companies and projects - where everyone seems to be happy.

Quite simply the easiest but most versatile project management tool you'll ever use.

Breeze is everything our team was looking for — an incredibly deep and powerful project management tool that an average user can understand and use immediately.

It’s absolutely essential to our workflow, and the support and constant improvements are unmatched!

Breeze has single-handedly transformed the way our company interacts and communicates between teams ...

It has allowed us to do what we love the most and that is to effectively and efficiently help our clients ...

This platform is that perfect mixture for teams wanting to have everything they need and nothing they don't. I would recommend this tool to any team, big or small.

We use Breeze almost from the beginning, and we have seen how it has evolved for the better, always implementing good ideas and providing exceptional support.

The Breeze team actually listens to suggestions from their clients that makes this tool an invaluable one in our company's success.

Breeze is very easy to use. I love how simple it is to customize a project template or create your own. Great reporting tool too.

Huge variety of notification settings is extremely convenient for the entire team. Breeze is a convenient tool that helps to keep track of multiple projects gathered at one place.

I have found that with Breeze tasks get done much quicker thanks to a wide variety of notification settings.

One platform to organize your projects

Breeze works seamlessly with your existing toolset, so you can easily automate tasks in your workflow using native integrations and Zapier

Slack and Breeze Gravity forms and Breeze Zendesk support and Breeze Toggl and Breeze Harvest and Breeze Github and Breeze Gitlab and Breeze Zapier and Breeze