Upgrade your development team workflow with Breeze

Agile planning, more efficient workflows, reporting, and delegation. All while integrating your engineering teams with the rest of the business.

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Is friction between teams impacting your product delivery?

When different teams use multiple tools to manage their work, communication breaks down, and your projects suffer.

Friction between your non-technical and engineering teams causes major misalignments in your project roadmap. Workload is miscalculated, milestones are missed, task priorities are miscommunicated.

Breeze integrates all your technical and non-technical teams under a single project roadmap

Breeze gives everyone a clear, centralized view on what's being worked on and who's working on what - while keeping everyone aligned and focused on delivering key milestones according to plan.


Streamlined agile

Simple agile planning makes it easy to prioritize and track work across your full team.

  • Clear product roadmap for your whole company.
  • Fair distribution of tasks across your team.
  • A single source of truth for all info - milestones, impact, effort, and story points.

Easy collaboration

Breeze is powerful while being easy to use and un-intimidating for any other team in your company.

  • Easily discuss every detail with full contextual communication.
  • Invite other teams or clients for feedback, shared insights or signoff.
  • Launch products smoothly by coordinating with teams across your company.

Ship products faster

With your project roadmap on Breeze, you can track your projects, identify issues quickly, and shift workload on the fly.

  • Collect user and client feedback seamlessly for faster iteration.
  • Smooth product launches because everyone involved is on the same page.
  • Clear visibility and accountability for every item in your sprint plan.

Powerful features - with none of the bloat

Breeze was designed from the ground up to be easy and intuitive to use for everyone in your company. Never underpowered while never getting in the way of an efficient workflow.

Project board with tasks and task lists.

● Agile Project Boards

A fully flexible project roadmap that can be broken down by task lists and swim lanes.

● Task Management

Keep everyone focused with tasks and to-dos. Shift workload on the fly by easily assigning tasks and setting priority.

● Conversations

Keep everyone in the loop and your conversations contextually relevant. Easily integrate with Slack.

● Calendars

Full clarity on sprint plans, important milestones and launch dates for your entire team.

● Custom Fields

Offer a way to easily customize Breeze to track anything you need.

● Agile Charts

Get insightful data from projects and tasks. Quickly capture lead and cycle times and see it all laid out with cumulative flow diagrams.

● Track Time

Set Agile estimates to size tasks for your sprint. Use our built-in time tracker or integrate with tools you already rely on like Toggl, Harvest, Hubstaff

● Gantt Charts

Keep management in the loop and the business engaged in your projects. Our integration with Ganttile makes generating Gantt charts super simple.

● Git Integrations

Breeze has integrations with Github, Bitbucket, Beanstalk, GitLab. Easily comment, change task status, and track time directly from Git commit messages.