Slack + Breeze

Breeze for Slack

Say goodbye to mile long todo lists, half-finished tasks and redundant comments and replies. Breeze is the most efficient way to turn short Slack conversations into actionable tasks.

Tracking projects

Breeze is the ultimate project management solution for companies of all sizes

Create tasks

Make sure words lead to action

Turn your Slack messages into Breeze tasks, so you can stay on top of your work. Stay connected to your work in Slack without switching between tools.

Breeze Slack app
Project activity

Project updates in Slack

Breeze automatically sends updates to your Slack channels about tasks created, comments added, status changes, and more. Make sure your team is organized and coordinated to avoid unnecessary delays.

Breeze Slack notifications
Slash commands

The power of command line

Use the /breeze Slash command to quickly create new tasks in Breeze. No extra clicks or menus to open. Just start typing and create tasks in any conversation.

Breeze Slack command