Project Management Is A Breeze

After switching to Breeze you and your team will love working on projects.

Time to switch to Breeze

Are you tired of using clunky and complex apps full of features that you never use? Do they have their own specific language and you need a dictionary to get started? Whats a card, table, campfire or a ping? Doesn't make sense. Something not working? Are you using one of these apps?

Why switch to Breeze?

Breeze gives your work direction and flow

Breeze is built using real-world experience of managing hundreds of projects over the years. Tested and works. Breeze focuses on delivery, waste reduction, increasing productivity and efficiency.

Breeze is intuitive, easy to use, and minimalistic

Breeze is made for people not for machines. It's quick and responsive, simple screens and language, nothing extra to distract you. Do not try to do everything. Do one thing well.

Breeze is made for everybody

Breeze is used by people from all walks of life. Marketers, project managers, accountants, developers, and designers use Breeze to track their projects. Breeze works for freelancers, small to medium sized companies and large multinationals.

Project board with tasks and task lists.