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Enhance your whole CRM and sales process - from better customer engagement to closing more deals faster

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Are quality leads falling through the cracks?

When your salespeople work in silos and aren’t able to collaborate, important deals will be lost.

Hours spent on status meetings so that your marketing and sales teams know what’s going on. Important follow-ups are forgotten about. Information your salespeople need is all over the place.

What’s worse - because marketing, sales, and account management teams are not aligned, customers are lost, quality leads are wasted, and new customers start off on the wrong foot.

Breeze makes your whole sales process more efficient

Streamline your sales process by aligning all your teams and team members. Make your sales pipeline collaborative and accessible - whether onsite or off.


A central space for all relevant info

Your sales team has easy access to the information they need to respond to customer questions as quickly and accurately as possible.

  • More time spent on developing relationships and closing deals.
  • No details fall through the cracks, so more deals are closed.
  • Share effective sales ideas and best practice and increase performance across your whole team.

Track progress at-a-glance

Visualize your full sales pipeline and track the progress of every deal and all the necessary tasks to close them fast.

  • Easily notice any bottlenecks in your sales process.
  • Track targets and goals, celebrate big wins, and motivate your team.
  • Make better decisions with an at-a-glance view of all deals, documents, tasks, and contacts.

Always accessible - whether in the office or on the road

With a fully online web interface, cloud storage and a mobile app, your team always has access to everything they need.

  • Empower your sales team even when they’re on the road.
  • Keep every detail at the tip of your fingers, even when working from home.
  • Productive remote work with accountability and full visibility.

A streamlined sales pipeline that integrates all your teams

Breeze brings you smoother relationship management and integration between your sales, marketing, and customer success teams. Boosting your close rate, improving customer engagement, and reducing churn.

Project board with tasks and task lists.

Only the essentials - with none of the busywork

Unlike other project management tools, Breeze never over-complicates the process. And its flexibility means you’re never left with needless admin work on your plate.

● Email control

Quickly add leads, tasks, or feedback directly into your sales pipeline - simply by sending an email message to your Breeze inbox.

● Pipeline Board

Easily customize your sales pipeline to fit your particular process. Then view it as a simple task list or a bird’s eye view of your full operation.

● Conversations

No more trawling through emails or chat messages - all your communication is always where you’d expect to find it.

● Calendars

Never miss a follow-up with a potential customer. Align your salespeople with your marketing initiatives.

● Intuitive CRM

Super-flexible custom fields allow you to track everything from contact details to lifetime value projections for each customer.

● Progress Reports

Quickly see a high-level view of all your sales channels and their performance. Use reports to motivate your team and create accurate projections.