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Breeze makes it easier for designers and agencies to run highly efficient projects that clients love.

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Is admin killing your design team’s creativity?

Is your project management workflow facilitating your team’s creative process or creating friction?

Running projects via meetings, emails, spreadsheets, and chat adds extra work, confusion, and needless errors to each and every project you run. Where is the latest version of that brief? Is this asset approved? When will those layouts be ready for the next step?

Project managers have to chase down information constantly. Designers spend half their time tracking down assets, briefs and feedback. Collaboration is frustratingly slow and prone to mistakes. And if any part of your team works remotely - these issues are made a whole load worse!

This is where Breeze comes in

Breeze is the project management tool that makes running creative projects smoother, quicker, and more transparent.


A single space for everything

Briefs, plans, design guidelines, and assets are all in one central place.

  • More time spent on design and less on trying to find stuff.
  • Full visibility of every part of the project - for everyone.
  • Important files, approvals, and assets no longer get lost.

Track progress at-a-glance

No need to chase down the status for those key assets.

  • Easily see what everyone is working on and when it will be ready.
  • No more important design assets falling through the cracks.
  • Everyone is on the same page and knows what to do next.

Enhanced collaboration

Everyone can now jump into any project and see its participants, history, discussions, and files.

  • Enhanced creativity and more efficient execution.
  • Teams are no longer polarized and working in silos.
  • Remote teams can now be more efficient, creative, and collaborative.

Enhanced production process for creative projects

Facilitate a more creative working environment by taking care of project admin with Breeze. With all the production admin taken care of, your team members can focus on doing their best work.

Project board with tasks and task lists.

Breeze combines all the essential tools with none of the bloat

Some project management software creates admin for the sake of admin. But with Breeze, we’ve stripped out all non-essential features so that your team’s creativity is only enhanced and never restricted.

● Files

Unlimited cloud storage for all files and assets. And everything is easily found in the relevant project - or with our powerful search.

● Project Boards

Bring together all the tasks under one project board. Or manage design requests flexibly through a custom structured workflow.

● Conversations

Keep everyone on the same page. Invite clients into your workflow for better communication. Manage all feedback and design critiques in one place.

● Calendars

Keep campaigns on track with due dates, schedules, and important milestones.

● Time tracking

Built-in time tracking means easier invoicing for your clients and more accurate estimates. Use the built-in timer or integrations with Toggl and Harvest.

● Reports

Keep multiple projects on budget and on schedule. Get full insight on any bottlenecks.