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New features in Breeze: recurring tasks, user management, and more

Nov 29
Welcome to a more powerful and user-friendly Breeze! We're thrilled to share the scoop on our latest upgrades tailored...
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How to get more done in less time - eat the frog first

Nov 20
Managing time is an ongoing challenge for professionals in all industries. It can be difficult to navigate through the...
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How to manage projects with freelancers

Nov 3
So, your company has decided to hire some external help in the form of freelancers. Hiring freelancers is a...
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New features in Breeze: project tags, comment files, and more

Oct 9
Exciting news, dear Breeze users! We're thrilled to introduce some fantastic new updates that will take your project management experience...
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How to prevent analysis paralysis in project management

Oct 2
In the dynamic world of project management, time is a critical component of your work day. However, one common...
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How to improve self-management skills

Sep 14
Self-management is being able to take control of your own actions, decisions, and behaviors, and it is an important...
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New features in Breeze: private forms, pinned comments, reports, and more

Sep 4
Exciting news, folks! You're in for a treat as I walk you through the latest enhancements that have just dropped...
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Streamlining project management: the power of online forms

Aug 1
Welcome to the world of modern project management, where online forms have become essential tools for streamlining processes and...
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New feature in Breeze: Web forms to manage requests

Jul 20
We're thrilled to share some exciting news with our amazing Breeze users! Today, we're rolling out a brand new feature...
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How to create an effective implementation plan

Jul 18
Big or small, every project comes with the risk of failure, and the burden of mitigating that risk falls...
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New features in Breeze: visualizing project progress

Jun 16
In today's fast-paced world, managing projects efficiently is essential for success. Whether you're a dedicated professional, a small business owner,...
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What are project risks and how to avoid them

Jun 14
Even the best project managers cannot predict every risk that may potentially impact their project. Risks range from a...