New features in Breeze: private forms, pinned comments, reports, and more

By Lucas on Sep 4

Exciting news, folks! You're in for a treat as I walk you through the latest enhancements that have just dropped in our beloved tool. Get ready to supercharge your productivity with fresh features that enhance your project management experience.

Ever wished for more versatility in your forms? Or perhaps you've longed for a more seamless way to collaborate through comments? Maybe customizing fields to suit your unique workflow has been on your wishlist. Well, Breeze has been listening, and we're here to deliver!

In this blog post, I'm going to walk you through the incredible enhancements we've made to forms, comments, custom fields, statuses, and reports. So, let's dive right in and explore how these new features will transform the way you manage your projects!

Private forms

We recently released a web forms feature that lets you manage requests and collect feedback. This feature got a new update and now you can make your web forms private.

Private web forms are a great tool for keeping your data safe and private! They help you collect sensitive information securely and facilitate confidential communication within your organization. Use private web forms for things like surveys, internal feedback, client intake, and registrations to ensure privacy and protect sensitive data.

Web form

Private forms are accessible only by your team and you need to log in to Breeze to see and submit them.

Files in comments

We updated the comments and now you can add files under each comment. This adds more structure and organized way to manage files. Before you could only add files inside comments and sometimes files can get lost in long comments.

Comment files

It makes collaboration easier by allowing everyone to access important documents and images right from the comment section. Plus, it gives more context and clarity to the discussion, preventing any confusion or misinterpretation. So, by attaching files to comments, you'll improve communication, speed up feedback, and make working together a breeze!

This works with all types of files and linking files from cloud services like Google Drive, Dropbox, Onedrive and more.

Pinned comments

Based on your feedback we added support for pinned comments.

Pinned comments can be incredibly useful in allowing you to highlight and draw attention to important information within a discussion or conversation. They allow you to pin a particular comment at the top of a thread so that it stays visible even as new comments are added. This can help ensure that everyone involved in the discussion is aware of the key points and can refer to them easily. Moreover, if there are any updates you need to provide or decisions that need to be made, pinned comments can help you ensure that everyone is on the same page.

Pinned comment

Pinned comments are shown on a yellow background. You can pin multiple comments to the top.

Custom fields sorting

Breeze has a custom fields feature that you can use to store all sort of useful information on tasks. You can store customer contact information, priorities, ratings, and much more.

Custom fields sorting

We updated the custom fields feature and now you can sort by drag and drop the options inside the options. This means that when you add new options you can reorder them as needed.

Task & project statuses

Breeze comes with four statuses that you can use on every task and project. You can also add your own custom statuses and rename the default statuses.

Task statuses are incredibly useful for tracking the progress and organization of tasks. They provide a quick snapshot of where a task is in its lifecycle and keep everyone on the same page. By assigning statuses like "To Do," "In Progress," and "Completed," you can easily see what tasks are pending, being worked on, or finished. This ensures transparency, helps with prioritization, and allows for effective collaboration and project management.

Custom statuses

We updated the statuses and now you can select which statuses are visible on tasks and which on projects. By default the statuses are visible on both of them.

Time tracking report

The last update on our list is to the reports. We added a new time tracking report that shows you how much time you tracked on each day. It groups the time tracking entries by date and then by project.

With these exciting updates, Breeze is all set to take your project management to the next level. We hope you're as thrilled as we are about the possibilities that await. Get started today and experience the future of seamless, efficient project management with Breeze!