New features in Breeze: project tags, comment files, and more

By Lucas on Oct 9

Exciting news, dear Breeze users! We're thrilled to introduce some fantastic new updates that will take your project management experience to the next level.

In this blog post, I'll walk you through the latest enhancements in Breeze that are set to make your work easier and more efficient. From revamped project tags to seamless comment file handling, streamlined to-do management, and automation that'll blow your mind – we've got it all covered.

So, fasten your seatbelts and get ready to explore these game-changing features that'll supercharge your project management journey!

Project specific tags

We updated the tags feature and now you can create project specific tags. This means that the tag is shown only in the selected projects.

Project specific tags are a good way to limit what tags are shown. You might have one project for marketing and another for developers. Now you can select the tags for each project. It makes tagging tasks easier and cleaner.

To update your existing tags or create new ones head over to the tags management page. This is available only to admin users.

Project tags

Click on the tag name to selected the projects where the tag is shown. By default all tags are shown in all projects.

Comment files in task

You now have the option to see all the files from all the comments under the task description where the task files are shown.

This is a good way to see all the files that are part of the task. Sometimes it can be hard to find files when you have too many comments.

Comment files

You can enable this feature is under the discussions options menu. Every user can enabled it for themself and by default is disabled.

Workday due date automation

The automation feature was updated and now you can set due dates as workdays for task automation.

Workday automation

Before you could only set the task due date to x days from current date. Now you have the option to set it as workdays.

Example, if today is Thursday and you set the task due date to 3 workdays then the new due date will be Tuesday.

You can find the option in the task automation menu.

To-do counts in task

The last small update is about to-dos. We updated the task details page and now it shows the number of to-dos and done to-dos in each to-do list. This gives you a quick overview how many to-dos are done without needing to manually count them.

To-do count

You can also see the total number of to-dos and done to-dos on the task card.

In conclusion, these new Breeze features are designed with you in mind, making project management a breeze. Stay organized, collaborate effortlessly, and boost productivity like never before. We can't wait to see how these upgrades transform your projects. Try them out today and let your productivity soar!