New features in Breeze: project forms update

By Lucas on Mar 4

In our continuous quest to redefine simplicity and efficiency in project management, we're thrilled to bring you the latest update to Breeze's Forms feature. While Breeze Forms have already transformed the way you collect and manage requests, making it a cinch for clients, stakeholders, and team members to provide essential details, we're not ones to rest on our laurels. After listening to your valuable feedback, we've taken a significant leap forward with a game-changing enhancement: you can now connect form fields directly to task attributes and custom fields within Breeze.

Let's delve into the powerful implications of this update and how it can further streamline your project management experience with Breeze!

Connecting form fields to tasks

We updated the form setup and now you can connect form fields to task fields. All your existing forms work just like before - all the form fields are automatically added to the the task description and attachments are added to task attachments.

All questions are by default connected to the task description field. Now you have the option to change it to:

  • Task description
  • Task name
  • Task due date
  • Task start date
  • Custom fields
Work request form fields

You can't change the task field for multi-select and attachments questions. These get always added to the description. For other fields we do the best to try to convert the value. Example, if you try to connect short textquestion to task due date then we'll try to convert the text to date.

And there we have it – Breeze’s spiffy new update to our Project Forms feature, tying form fields neatly to task attributes and custom fields. Easy to use, powerfully efficient, and tailored perfectly for you and your team's needs. Like everything Breeze, it's designed to simplify and enhance your project management experience.

With this update, you have much more than an added feature; you have a dynamic, interconnected workflow where each element syncs seamlessly with the next. The potential for increased productivity and streamlined project management is substantial.

As always, our team is right here if you need any help getting accustomed to these new capabilities. Just drop us a message and we'll be there to guide you.

Keep an eye out for more updates and improvements as we continue our mission to make project management a breeze.