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Free online Pomodoro timer

Jan 12
We made a free online Pomodoro timer that you can use and manage your time. Try it out and see...
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How to manage time using the Pomodoro Technique

Jan 10
Would you ever think of managing your working hours by 16 tomatoes a day? The Pomodoro Technique may be...
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Breeze Chrome extension

Jan 2
We have updated our Chrome extension and now it has more options for adding new tasks. You can use it...
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Breeze for Slack

Dec 17
Say goodbye to mile long todo lists, half-finished tasks and redundant comments and replies. Breeze is the most efficient way...
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4 complicated project management software tools

Dec 5
Ever sat in a long training session at work, learning how to use the latest project management software? Didn't...
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New in Breeze: Home tab for tasks, projects, and more

Nov 23
We're happy to announce a new Home tab feature in Breeze . You certainly noticed the new feature when...
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Popular tools for planning and scheduling simple projects [June 2024]

Nov 10
Have you ever tried to use project management software and found yourself skipping past a load of extra tools...
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Product management vs. project management: What’s the difference?

Oct 24
We often hear about the “product manager” and “project manager” roles within organizations. Many a time, the two terms...
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New in Breeze: Gmail links, colors, design updates

Sep 30
We've made a few small improvements to Breeze over the past month. You may have noticed them and even...
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How to create effective to-do lists

Sep 26
Do you often feel you’ve got a lot of work to complete but do not know where to begin?...
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Switching between tasks kills productivity. Here's how to stop multitasking.

Sep 5
Are you one of those who think multitasking can be beneficial? Many people consider themselves great multitaskers and think...
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SMART Goals vs. OKRs - which one to use?

Aug 15
Effective goal-setting is the bedrock of all successful organizations. Goals give all employees a sense of purpose, direction, and,...