Reports design update, custom fields, and public links

By Rene on May 1
Here's a list of small changes and updates that we have done to Breeze recently. Some of them you may have noticed and some of them might be completely new.

Reports design update

We updated the reports page header and made easier to use. All the filters now have dropdowns and you can search the values.

Reports header and filters

The functionality is exactly the same as before and all your old bookmarks work.

Custom fields updates

We updated the custom fields feature and now you can add them through the API, Zapier, and email.

You can see how to use them with the API from the API documentation. In Zapier you can now create new tasks and automatically assign custom fields also.

You can create tasks in Breeze by just sending an email to your personal Breeze email address. Now you can also assign custom fields to the tasks. On a new line type

@custom_field field_name: your value
Here's the guide on how to create tasks by email.

Public links domain

You can share and collaborate with anybody using public projects, tasks and reports. When you set something to public then it is visible to anyone with the URL, but it's still secure because the URL contains a random and cryptographically unguessable token.

We made a small change to the URL and now everything that you share lives under This makes it easier to understand when you share something. All the old links will also continue to work.

Public projects, tasks and reports are great for sharing information with someone who’s not part of your team or project but who needs to be in the loop. They don't need to learn a new system or create an account, there's no hassle.

You still have control of everything. Nothing is public until you create the public link and you can delete them at any time.