How to Run a Small Business Online

By Lucas on Jun 24

Starting an online business might sound easy. With so many ideas in your head, it may seem pretty profitable as well. However, this is exactly where we say ‘easier said than done’. Do you know close to 20% of small businesses fail in their very first year? 33% within two years and as many as 50% within 5 years.

Sad, isn’t it?

However, it doesn’t have to be this way. Your small, online business doesn’t have to add to the dismal numbers above. In fact, you can make your business shine and stand out amongst the crowd.


By following what thousands of successful online startups have done. In this article, we have gathered tips from the real-life experiences of successful business owners on how to run a small business online.

#1. Design A Great Website

This is where it all starts. The website is the face of your online business and has to be perfect. Invest everything and anything you can while building it up. When it comes to web development and designing, you have plenty of choices. You can either hire a professional or if you’re a DIY fan, try platforms like Wix, Weebly, and even WordPress.

#2. Search Engine Optimization

Okay, you have a great website ready. What now?

No matter how cool your website is, if it isn’t attracting the required traffic, it is useless.

Ever wondered why Facebook bought WhatsApp for $19 billion, and that too in 2014? There were tons of other apps with the same functionality. Some were even better than WhatsApp. However, what they were missing was THE AUDIENCE.

SEO brings the right audience to your website. By making small changes to the content, design, and a few codes, search engine optimization can push your website up in Google Search Results.

SEO is a continuous and specialized job. We recommend hiring a professional to handle your SEO.

#3. Using Smart SaaS Tools

The efficiency of your online business will depend upon the tools you use for various tasks. SaaS tools can make your life easy at the office. However, business owners often find themselves overwhelmed with the number of SaaS solutions available out there. Choosing the right one can be tough.

However, the right SaaS tool can take your online business to new heights. It can make your business more efficient, profitable, manageable, and whatnot.

Most of the online businesses have some sort of a remote team. Project management and collaboration in those can become a serious headache for businesses if not done the right way. However, tools like Breeze can be your savior here. These SaaS solutions are great for management, collaboration, planning, and tracking of remote teams.

#4. Social Media Marketing

No online business can really do well if it isn’t active on social media. Social media is the second most important platform after search engines. Many people actually use social media as search engines.

A brick and mortar business can take chances and be non-existent on social but an online business can’t afford that. It is important that your business has a strong presence on almost all major platforms.

Bottom Line:

We hope you benefit from the list above, which is not, by any means, exhaustive in nature. There are tons of tips and strategies you can follow to keep your online business afloat. Also, remember that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to business success.

What works for others may simply fail for you. So, keep learning, keep exploring!

Until Next Time...