Emojis and more design updates

By Rene on Jul 3

Over the last weeks, we have updated the design and added a couple of small new features. Here's a small recap what we updated.

Overall our goal was to make Breeze easier to read and bring more contrast to different elements. As you may have noticed we updated the background and now it has a light blueish color. This makes the white elements stand out more and make them easier to see.

Emojis in tasks and comments

We added a new menu option to the editor that lets you insert emojis to task description and comments. It has a predefined list of emojis that we thought might be useful. Let us know if you need some other emojis on the list.

Emojis in tasks and comments

Task statuses

We removed the alternating color ribbons from task statuses. It was not working very well with custom statuses and custom status colors. Now the color is shown as a solid color. This makes the text much more readable.

Task status colors

Task due dates

We added a remove button to the due dates dialog. This lets you quickly remove dates without having to focus the input boxes and pressing backspace. Also, the dates are now quickly accessible under the task name. Just click on the date to change it.

Task due dates shortcut

Project filter

The project filters were also updated and now they have a streamlined look. This works much better with custom fields and statuses.

Project filters

Calendar filters

We moved the calendar filters under the three-dot menu. You can select and deselect all projects by click on the project name.

Calendar filters Calendar filters select

Tasks page sidebar

The tasks page has a new sidebar with a cleaned up menu. You'll find the extra filtering options under the "more" button.

Tasks page sidebar

Master board filters

The master board filters are also cleaned up. You'll notice that they look similar to the reports filter.

Master project board filters