New features: bulk copy and move tasks, subscribed tasks and more

By Rene on Nov 22

Here's a list of small feature and updates that we added over the past weeks.

Bulk task move and copy

To make it easier and quicker to manage your tasks we added an option to move, copy and delete all the tasks in a list. You can copy and move all the tasks in a list to another project or the same one. You also have the option to specify a swimlane, this means that you can quickly move all the tasks from one swimlane to another.

Bulk task actions

The last option is to archive all the tasks in a list. You can also quickly archive tasks by moving your mouse over the task and pressing the "x" key. If you haven't already found the keyboard shortcuts then you can find the list here

See all subscribed tasks

The task subscription feature lets you subscribe to only those tasks that you are interested in. This means that you only get email notifications about those tasks. To make you more productive we added a new feature that lets you see all your subscribed tasks. You can find the tasks on the Tasks page by using the "Subscribed to" filter.

Subscribed tasks

Notifications page with subscribed tasks

The notifications center now also includes notifications about the tasks that you have subscribed to. This means that you have a central place to see all your notifications.

Another small change in the notifications page is that by default it now lists only unread notifications. You can change it by clicking on the "Unread" link at the top.