Notification center

By Breeze Team on Jun 1

Breeze has a very good notifications system, by default you'll get only the most important emails and notifications, but you also have an option to fine tune them. Until now you had two options to view the notifications, either receive an email or visit the activities page. To make your life easier we added another option - a notification center.

Every time you mention someone in task description or comments they'll see a little notification icon on the top menu bar. Click on the icon to see the latest mentions.

Notification popup menu

You can clear the notifications individually by clicking on small "x" button or clear all by clicking on the "Clear all" link.

When you have cleared all the notifications then the icon from the top menu will be removed, but you can still see all your old notifications from the notifications page. You can find the link to the center by clicking on your name on the top right corner.

Notification page

Protip: you can also mention yourself to generate notifications, this is a good way to set reminders for later.