New in Breeze: subscribe to task list, sort task lists by due date, tags case sensitivity and more

By Breeze Team on Aug 8

We have been working on Breeze all the summer and here's a list of some of the bigger improvements.

Subscribe to task list

As you know you can subscribe yourself and other users to tasks to get email notifications only about the tasks that you are interested in. This is a good way to focus on certain tasks and minimize email notifications. Here's the guide for subscribing to tasks

Now you can also subscribe to task lists. That way you don't have to subscribe to individual tasks and you are always notified when new tasks are added to the list. You can find the option under the task list settings.

Subscribe to task lists

You can subscribe yourself and other users on the project.

Sort task list by due date

We also added a new sorting option to task lists in projects. It allows you to sort all the tasks in one task list by due date. The oldest are sorted to the top and tasks without due date are to the bottom. The sorting works by actually reordering the tasks in the list. Please keep that in mind when sorting because there isn't an option to revert after sorting by due date.

You can find the sorting link under the task list settings.

Sort task lists by due date

Tags are not case sensitive

We made small but a very important change in the tags that will increase the usability. The tags are now case insensitive. This means that you can still create tags with uppercase and lower case letters but they are not considered when searching or creating new tags. Example, MyTag and mytag are the same and the system will allow only one of those.

Task tags

You can manage all your tags from the tags management page, where you can also edit the tags to change the tag name case. This change will help you manage your tags better because now users can't accidentally create tags with the same name but different case.

Project groups on calendar page

Project groups are a good way to organize your projects and get a good overview of all your work. If you haven't used project groups before then here's a small guide how to get started

Project groups are now also visible on the calendar page. You can see them on the left side and have the option to minimize the groups. The settings are also carried over from the projects page - this means that if you have minimized a project group then it's already hidden on the calendar page.

Project groups in calendars

Highlight tasks that are over estimate

Tasks that are over estimate are now visible on the project board. The estimate and tracked time are highlighted on every task card. This will help you better manage estimates and instantly see if tasks go over the budget.

Task estimates and time tracking

Breeze mobile apps for iPhone and Android are also getting updated soon. We'll update you on this with a separate post in the coming weeks. Stay tuned to this blog, or follow us on Twitter at to get the latest news.