A better way to organize your projects

By Rene on May 5

When you have tens of projects running at the same time then you need to organize or group them to get a better overview. Until now you had the option to sort projects alphabetically or manually reorder them. Now you can create groups for projects and have them neatly organized.

Group projects

You can create separate groups by function or department - development, marketing , support etc. Another option would be to group projects by clients or customers.

You can find the link to add project groups at the bottom of the projects page.

Group projects

Drag and drop the projects to the new group. If you have enabled manual sorting then you can also reorder the projects inside the new group.

Group selection is also available when you create new projects.

Group projects

The project groups are just like other elements in Breeze. You can:

  • drag and drop to reorder the project groups.
  • hide the groups by click on the small triangle.
Group projects tutorial

Only the admin users can see all the groups. Users and clients can only see the project groups that have at least one project in them where they are invited.