A little bit of color to keep your tasks and tags better organized

By Rene on Feb 22

Tags are a good way to give additional context, categorize or group your tasks. We made them even better by adding the option to assign a color to tags. You can use the colors to make tags and tasks more visually distinct.

You can set color after you have added the tag to a task. Click on the tag and you'll see a small popover.

Task tag colors

The tag delete action is also a little bit changed. Now you have to click on the small "x" at the end of the tag to delete it.

Another place to manage the tag colors is from the global tag management page.

Manage tag colors

Tags are very versatile and can make your workflow more flexible. The primary use case is that it makes easier to find tasks. You tag a task and it's very easy to find it later.

You can also use the tags to extend the task statuses. It's a way to make custom statuses and with colors, they'll stand out even more.

Tags can be used to substitute task lists. Instead of creating a list for every small stage, you can assign a tag to it that denotes the meaning.