Time tracking permissions, link to comments, search filters, updates to Slack and Zapier, and more

By Rene on Aug 29

Time tracking permissions

We added a new default permission to admin users that allows them to change user who created the time entry. This can be useful in different situations. One good example is when someone forgets to log time and you need to send a report to a client. Now you don't have to find the person but the admin user can quickly do it themselves.

Admin users time entries

Copy swimlanes

We added a new action menu to swimlanes and made easier to use. At the same time, we added the option to copy swimlanes to other projects.

Copy swimlanes between projects

Choose a project from the dropdown and all the tasks with the swimlane are copied over. The task lists do not have to match between the projects. We copy the tasks to the existing lists.

Search filters

When you are trying to find a specific discussion, task or todo then it can be difficult because over time your account has accumulated a lot of data. To help you find exactly what you need we added filters to the search.

Search filters

You can filter by projects and specific items like tasks, comments, todos etc.

Link directly to comments

Have you ever needed to point to a specific comment in Breeze? Now it's possible to get a link to every comment. Even better, when you open the link it scrolls to the correct place in the task window and highlights the comment.

To get the link click on the "Posted" word under the comment and copy the link behind it.

Link to comments

Open OneNote links

OneNote is a handy note taking app from Microsoft that's popular with many users. To make it easier to copy and paste text between OneNote and Breeze we enabled the OneNote links in comments and task descriptions.

This means that now you can click on OneNote links in comments and task description, and they open the OneNote app.

Slack new notifications options

There's a new notification preference for the Slack integration. It's called "Hidden tasks and comments" , it allows you to control the type of messages that are sent from Breeze to Slack channel.

By default every change in Breeze that creates an activity entry is also sent to Slack. This is also true for hidden tasks and comments. When you disable this option then they are not sent anymore. This is useful when you are sharing a Slack channel with your clients and need to have private tasks.

Slack slash command

We added a new option to our Slack slash command that allows you to show or hide the responses. This means that when you create a new task you can have the whole channel see it.

/breeze set:show response show the created task in channel
/breeze set:hide response hide the command response from channel

To get help on the command type:

/breeze — it will list all the options and extra commands.

Zapier notifications trigger

We updated our Zapier integration and added a new trigger for notifications. You can now have a trigger when someone mentions you in a comment or task description. Here's a list of all the triggers and actions we support. You can start using Zapier by accepting the invite.