Time tracking and project management made easy with Breeze & Toggl Track

Use Breeze and Toggl Track to keep on top of tasks, projects, and business metrics

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A winning combination

Toggl Track time tracking software

Toggl Track is a very popular time tracker that is currently used by more than 70,000 customers. Typically, companies like it because employees actually use it and are more productive, while workers like it because they find it easier to use, which all explains why it is achieving success in displacing conventional timesheets.

Some of our customers prefer to track time with Toggl Track but they want to use Breeze for project management because of our simple task board approach. To help with this we have a pretty simple integration that lets you get the best of both.

Managing projects with Breeze and Toggl Track

Project management software is no longer just for verticals such as manufacturing or construction. Projects have become more common across all industries. You need an approach that matches your organization’s projects, whether they are customer-facing or internal.

Breeze is a big board of lists. The lists contain tasks which you move from lets to list as they are progressed. You can use Breeze in different ways to manage the things you need to get on top of.

Breeze project management software

Creating the ultimate productivity combination with Breeze and Toggl Track

1. Install the Chrome extension

To integrate Breeze and Toggl all you have to do is use the great free Chrome extension. Just download it for your browser from the Chrome store.

2. Log in to your Toggl account

You’ll know you’re ready to start tracking time from Breeze straight into Toggl Track when you see the Toggl Track button on your browser toolbar. It’s all synced as it happens in real time to your Toggl Track account, so you can easily get to your time tracking information and reporting.

3. Start the timer in Breeze

The task name you enter into Breeze is listed with the time entry and the hh:mm:ss that are tracked. Just start the Toggl Track time tracker from the project or task in Breeze. We also record the tracked time in Breeze, so you can get at it without leaving Breeze. Or you might want more comprehensive reporting features, in which case go see it in Toggl.

Toggl Track browser extension

Breeze lets you manage all types of projects, large and small

Simple project boards ●

A simple three list board, using Todo, Doing and Done lets you manage tasks in your everyday life as well as in your work. Plan your day, mix and match business with pleasure and all that everyday stuff that just has to happen.


Time based boards●

Expanding the simple board approach to mix in task listings in Todo and Done with deadlines such as Today and Tomorrow enables longer timelines to be incorporated.

Time project board

Learning from the past●

A retrospective board looks at past project activity and typical lists on this type of layout might include Went Well, Needs to Change, Questions & Discussions, Action Items. It lets you integrate a continuous process of quality management and improvement, which helps your team to perform better.

Weekly project board
Simple project boards
Time based boards
Time project board
Learning from the past
Weekly project board